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17 Sep: Getting cabling into buildings the smart way

In logistics, the term ‘last mile’ refers to a short distance that needs to be spanned in order to reach a final destination. When laying out or expanding fibre networks, the last mile is generally the most time-consuming, costly part. Of course, there are many variables to take into account, and often different types of cabling are used in different zones in a project. To avoid overspending and working with exaggerated specifications, Hermann Christen, Market Development Manager, R&M suggests it’s definitely worth consulting with an expert.

10 Sep: How network visibility can protect businesses in the new tomorrow

No one expected this year to be as testing as it has been and few organisations were prepared for the financial difficulties, IT issues and security threats created by this new norm. With companies expecting 50% of their staff back in the office by September, the flexible approach to working from home is set to complicate networks further. The road ahead is challenging to say the least, says Ollie Sheridan, Security Principal at Gigamon, but, with network visibility as the cornerstone of their cyber-strategy, organisations can to optimise investments, adapt agilely and ensure protection in the next phase of the pandemic and beyond.

03 Sep: The Data Centre of Tomorrow

There is no doubt that data is one of the world’s most valuable commodities today. Across the world’s business hubs, data centre demand has been driven by the rapid adoption of cloud services and the emergence of digitally transformative business models born out of the Internet of Things (IoT). With sustainability now at the forefront of many people’s minds, it would be great to think that the data centres of the future will impact the planet far less than they do now. Philip Bridge, President, Ontrack thinks that remains to be seen.

01 Sep: Disrupting the built environment with converged network infrastructure

There is growing recognition of the power for IP-based networks to transform the built environment.

IP-based building networks and connected services are helping to enhance the ‘data view’ of buildings and also enabling the creation of new personalised experiences for the users of a building. Indeed, these IoT-enabled services are increasingly seen as a must-have to boost occupant satisfaction and maximise property values. Mike Hook, Executive Director, LMG takes a look at the full potential of the IP approach.


NextGen has committed to a two-year technical development plan with CNet Training. The company has committed to upskill and professionally certify their teams across their entire company with CNet Training. The training and development contract provides NextGen with access to technical education programs from The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework for all team members to work towards ambitious companywide objectives.


Schneider Electric has announced the launch of the APC Easy Rack PDU range, providing an easy-to-install, easy-to-use and customisable power distribution unit for connected loads. From network closets and edge computing environments, to small and medium data centres, APC Easy Rack PDUs provide a resilient power continuity solution for end-users.

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