Cabling specialist presents fourth CSR report

Over the past two years, R&M – a globally active
Swiss developer and provider of cabling systems for high-end network
infrastructures has achieved the objectives of its sustainability
strategy. Among other things, the company has refined and clearly
defined its mission and corporate culture. Special emphasis was placed
on respectful and success-oriented collaboration between colleagues, as
well as with customers and other market partners. Colleagues were
encouraged to cultivate an entrepreneurial sense of responsibility.
R&M’s recently published fourth Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
the report provides detailed information about the successful implementation
of the sustainability strategy in the 2015 and 2016 financial years. R&M
sees its increasingly global orientation as key to its sustainability.
In 2016, R&M successfully entered the North American market. During the
reporting period, a new branch was also opened in Brazil, to enable R&M
to work the South American market more intensively. Global market
cultivation is enabling R&M to make the most of the growth opportunities and
balance out disparate regional developments.
Sustainability continued to be a top priority for R&M in an ecological
sense, too. Among other things, the company managed to reduce its water
consumption, waste water output and use of cardboard packaging and paper
at its Wetzikon headquarters during the reporting period.
“The CSR report proves once again that R&M clearly meets the
international standards for responsible entrepreneurship,” says R&M CEO
Michel Riva. Increasingly, large and international customers are
expecting R&M to document its sustainable activities. Riva: “Responsible
economic, social and environmental activity has always been part of the
culture of this independent family business. Sustainability is a
fundamental part of the owners’ approach. The company’s mission was
reformulated and, within the space of a few months, established
throughout the Group. This includes a targeted value system called
Values for Success.”
During the reporting period, R&M managed to improve efficiency in all
its plants. These improvements help to conserve natural resources and
also contribute to the company’s success. Among other things, the plant
in Bangalore, India, re-organized its production processes and managed
to double its productivity as a result. The more streamlined way of
working is having a positive effect on colleagues’ motivation. The
concept proved easily transferable and was quickly applied to the
plants in Bulgaria and Poland. In 2016, R&M was certified in line with
ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, confirming the high standards across
the Group in terms of quality and environmental management.
Over the past two years, R&M has again placed particular emphasis on
training for young people. The company is currently promoting the
introduction of dual vocational training in Bulgaria, based on the Swiss
model. A delegation from the Bulgarian Parliament visited R&M’s
headquarters in January 2016 to find out more about this training
pathway for young technicians. On average, the R&M Group invests CHF 0.5
million a year globally in training its employees – an increase of 66%
compared with the 2013/2014 reporting period.
The report is produced every two years and is published on the website.

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