Brand-Rex Announces Comprehensive Portfolio of CPR-Compliant Cable

Brand-Rex, a Leviton company, today announces the availability of a full line of copper and fibre communication cabling that meets classifications within the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR). Beginning 1 July 2017, all permanent cable installations in Europe must comply with CPR requirements. Brand-Rex was one of the first manufacturers to introduce CPR-compliant cables in 2016. Since then, Brand-Rex has expanded its portfolio of EuroClass cables, which includes Eca, Dca, Cca and B2ca copper and fibre solutions.
“For any manufacturer or supplier to get their products through the rigorous CPR classification process, it requires a significant investment of resources and a clear demonstration of controlled design and manufacturing operations,” said Ian Wilkie, Managing Director at Brand-Rex. “We are leading the way in CPR-compliance and readiness. Brand-Rex worked towards this point for many years and has the expertise to help customers understand how CPR will affect upcoming networking projects.”
CPR regulates construction materials installed within European buildings. For cables, it introduces new fire safety rules and requires that all cables marketed in the European Economic Area carry a CE mark along with a formal Declaration of Performance verifying compliance. Brand-Rex worked closely with European standards committees and industry bodies in anticipation of this important change.
By offering Eca, Dca, Cca and B2ca cabling, Brand-Rex provides customers with more options to meet the needs of their unique cabling environments, and requirements specific to different EU member states. The higher classification Dca, Cca, and B2ca cables have less reaction to flame than lower classifications and introduce fewer hazardous substances in the event of a fire within a building.
In addition to CE-marked labelling, Brand-Rex is colour coding copper cabling by EuroClass.
The unique colour for each level simplifies visual inspections and allows for easy verification of CPR classification. This helps to avoid mislabelling or mixing old cable stock and is already embraced by major European countries.
For more information about new CPR regulations, visit or contact your local Brand-Rex sales representative for assistance.

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