Evidon debuts first GDPR and cookie law Universal Consent Platform

Evidon has launched its Universal Consent Platform – the first unified solution to help organisations achieve compliance with both the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and evolving ePrivacy Regulation (ePr or “Cookie Law”).

The Evidon Universal Consent Platform is the first of its kind, allowing companies to deploy a single, user-centric transparency and consent solution for compliance with both laws across desktop, mobile web and in-app. It builds upon Evidon’s patented consent and monitoring technology, which is already used on more than 10,000 commercial sites globally. Key benefits include:

  • A layered, user-centric experience, empowering the user to choose between top-level and deep-dive information on how their data is collected and used
  • Effective consent controls at the website and tracking technology level, automatically rendered via Evidon’s proprietary Regex Company Database and patented Monitoring & Consent solutions
  • A simple and effective interface for exercising Personal Data Rights, such as the “Right to Be Forgotten”
  • Easy Integrations with middleware API’s and first-party datasets to achieve comprehensive transparency and user control
  • Robust insight into a company’s digital supply chain, essential for effective Privacy Impact Assessments and Vendor Governance
  • Single-tag implementation across platforms and geographies with language customisations in over 50 languages

The Universal Consent Platform will be launched at 4pm GMT/5pm CET on 25th July 2017 through a webinar, ‘Make your Site Compliant with the GDPR: Debut of the Industry’s First Universal Consent Platform’. Those interested in finding out more about GDPR compliance and the Universal Consent Platform can register for the webinar here.
Scott Meyer, CEO & Co-Founder of Evidon said: “Evidon is delighted to announce the first practical, commercial-grade solution to the daunting task of cracking the transparency and consent requirements of the GDPR and ePr.  Regardless of where they are based, on May 25th, 2018, companies around the globe will suddenly be vulnerable to fines of the greater of €20 million or 4% of global turnover if they reach EU citizens. We’re excited to offer companies not only a solution to a problem, but a way to turn compliance into a competitive advantage.”
The Universal Consent Platform was developed with input from Evidon’s Design Partner Program: a group of privacy officers, technologists, academics, attorneys and data protection authorities.
Andy Dale, VP Legal and Data Protection Officer at DataXu and a member of the Design Partner Program, says: “Evidon’s focus and collaborative approach in designing the Universal Consent Platform is the sort of innovation the adtech industry counts on.”
Bonnie Yeomans, VP, Assistant General Counsel & Privacy Officer at CA Technologies and a member of the Design Partner Program, says: “We rely on Evidon for compliance with notice and consent requirements globally, so naturally we are actively supporting Evidon’s development of its new Universal Consent Platform as a key piece of our compliance with GDPR and revised ePrivacy regulations.”
The Universal Consent Platform works seamlessly with Evidon’s Monitoring Platform to provide organisations with a comprehensive solution for optimised digital governance and compliance. Beta code will be available in the third quarter of 2017, and production code will be available in January 2018.
To find out more, visit Evidon.com, or register for the launch webinar here.

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