New EkkoSoft Critical 3D data centre Thermal Visualisation software

New EkkoSoft Critical 3D data centre Thermal Visualisation software

UK-based data centre thermal risk expert EkkoSense has released EkkoSoft Critical 3.2 – the latest version of its SaaS-enabled 3D thermal visualisation and monitoring software offering for managing critical data centre thermal risks. EkkoSoft Critical helps data centre operators to improve the real-time management of the power, cooling and space aspects of their data centre capacity – helping to identify problems that could threaten IT availability, achieve better visibility of their DC assets and current status, and also significantly reduce data centre cooling energy consumption.

With powerful new features, including live Airflow Analytics, comprehensive Estate Dashboard support, and tighter integration with Internet of Things (IoT) enabled sensors, EkkoSoft Critical 3.2 enables organisations to see exactly where and how they’re currently under-cooling or over-cooling their data centre estate. Organisations taking advantage of EkkoSoft Critical’s live 3D immersive views and rapid 3D room builder capabilities typically achieve an average 23% energy saving on their data centre cooling costs – resulting in a clear ROI in under a year.

Powerful new ‘Zone of Influence’ capability

EkkoSoft Critical 3.2’s new ‘Zone of Influence’ capability takes advantage of the company’s far greater networked mesh of IoT sensors to accurately capture entirely new levels of data centre cooling data, going beyond basic temperature measurements to also include energy usage and airflow distribution. The new release supports active Airflow Analytics, allowing organisations to cluster airflows into groups supplied by the AHU. This creates live airflow ‘Zones of Influence’ that can group racks into clusters that specifically match the cooling unit provisioning them. It also supports previously unattainable measures such as airflow within data centre floor vents.

Support for multiple data centres with new Estate Dashboards

With its range of new Estate Dashboards, EkkoSoft Critical 3.2 also reflects the continued evolution of data centres to the ‘edge’ by supporting the growing number of data centre operators needing to optimise cooling across multiple sites and unstaffed locations. The new software release also features tighter integration with Internet-of-Things sensors. To achieve truly optimised data centre thermal performance, it’s critical for DC managers and energy teams to have access to much more granular levels of data. Only EkkoSense, with its innovative low-cost EkkoAir Internet of Things sensors can deliver the ability to monitor and report temperature and cooling loads on an individual rack-by-rack basis.

“More and more data centres are moving to the edge, so there’s an increased requirement among data centre operators and facilities management providers for a solution that can help them to monitor real-time thermal data centre performance, optimise their cooling, and making sure they have the right power, cooling and space capacity strategies in place,” commented Dr. Stu Redshaw, EkkoSense’s Chief Technology Officer.

“EkkoSense addresses the three essential elements needed here: access to an entirely new generation of low-cost IoT sensors, real-time 3D Visualisation Software and room-building capabilities with EkkoSoft Critical 3.2, as well as a comprehensive Data Centre Thermal Optimisation Services offering. By applying the real-time, rack-level machine learning data gathered by our IoT sensors to the EkkoSoft Critical spatial model, we’re also now moving towards the kind of real-time decision-making and scenario planning capabilities that organisations will require to transition towards true AI-managed precision data centres,” he added.

EkkoSoft Critical 3.2 continues to break new ground in terms of data centre capacity reporting – providing operators with immediate access to their estate’s power consumption, space utilisation and total cooling utilisatiion performance in real-time. EkkoSoft Critical also features easy-to-use Capacity Management Planning and Layout capabilities – such as Reserved Space and Free Space – to help organisations take a much more active role when it comes to managing data centre thermal performance and capacity management. Rather than simply looking to optimise existing layouts, EkkoSoft Critical helps data centre operators to design and model their own data centre environments – so that they’re thermally optimised right from the start. Not only will this help organisations to break their habit of simply adding more expensive cooling devices as soon as room temperatures start to rise, but also proves critical in terms of releasing further data centre capacity through ongoing thermal optimisation.

Core EkkoSoft Critical 3.2 functionality includes rack-level thermal/airflow/power monitoring from Internet of Things-enabled sensor and manual inputs; comprehensive 3D visualisations of your data centre’s real-time thermal and cooling profiles, enabling you to track cooling performance/efficiency and manage thermal compliance; and an easy-to-use rapid 3D Room Builder that lets data centre managers model and build their own room layouts virtually. The solution’s 3D immersive views lets you virtually walk through both single and estate-wide data centre environments – regardless of location – to check on specific racks and monitor air flows.

In addition to EkkoSoft Critical 3.2’s new ‘Zones of Influence’ capability, Airflow Analytics functionality, Estate Dashboards and tighter IoT sensor integration, the software‘s capabilities also include:

  • Capacity Management Planning capabilities – Data centre capacity issues are rarely to do with cooling plant or lack of capacity, but are more to do with airflow and cooing strategy management. With increased confidence around thermal performance, data centre operators can increasingly take advantage of new EkkoSoft Critical features such as Space Planning and Reserved Space Allocation to unlock further capacity from their existing data centre infrastructure with the ability to design and model their DC environment so that it can be thermally optimised right from the start
  • Instantaneous Reports – EkkoSoft Critical offers a full range of reporting including a Thermal Overview, Cooling Capacity, Power Capacity and Space Capacity updates.
  • Proposed Layouts – an easy-to-use design feature that allows data centre managers to experiment with new layouts and take advantage of the software’s Room Builder objects without impacting their core EkkoSoft Critical functionality. Proposed Layouts can be edited, saved and re-saved as often as required, with no requirement for specialist graphics or design skills.

Go here for more information about EkkoSoft Critical and its ability to support real-time thermal visualisation across entire data centre estates.

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