Aircraft expert GDC selects Volta as its data centre partner in Europe

Aircraft expert GDC selects Volta as its data centre partner in Europe

GDC Technics, a leading aircraft modification centre providing maintenance on Boeing and Airbus aircraft, has announced today at Cloud Expo Europe that they have selected Volta Data Centres as their data centre partner of choice for Europe. GDC ‘s server infrastructure was previously hosted in Munich, at its German office.

Following a streamlining of their engineering, the company wanted to move its IT infrastructure to the UK, with London being a prime location. GDC’s relocation project came up with two challenges: the servers needed to be relocated between different countries and the entire project needed to be completed within 10 days to avoid any disruption to the business. After contacting nearly 100 colocation providers and carefully comparing them, GDC decided to select Volta Data Centres.

The Result

With Volta Data Centre’s operations team support, GDC was able to meet their deadlines and to complete the entire relocation project within four days, with no downtime affecting its multiple on-going projects. Volta successfully equipped the allocated space and provided the engineering support to meet GDC’s requirements.

GDC experienced 100% uptime leading to a smooth transition and no negative impact on the business. The aerospace specialist now benefits from a state-of-the-art data centre in central London, allowing them to provide outstanding maintenance on Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

“I was really impressed with the speed with which Volta was able to meet our requirements and get the infrastructure ready for us to move in and ready to work from day one. We contacted over 100 data centres asking for help but only Volta was able to meet our requirements for time and savings on such short notice”, says Robert Stallknecht, Senior Systems Administrator at GDS Technics. “We usually have between 3-5 big projects on the go at any one time, so it was essential we could move quickly and I was amazed when everything just turned on on Monday morning and we had experienced no downtime.”

“We were confident that we could deliver on such short timescales because we had already done it previously with other customers, says Jonathan Arnold, Managing Director at Volta Data Centres. Our operations team worked round the clock to provide a smooth relocation experience for GDC. We believe that our unique location on 2 separate power rings in central London makes us the perfect colocation provider for any organisation that can’t afford any downtime such as GDC, adds Arnold.

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