R&M acquires Czech Transportkabel – DIXI a.s.

R&M acquires Czech Transportkabel – DIXI a.s.

With the acquisition of Transportkabel – DIXI a.s., R&M adds fibre optic
Cable design and production know-how to complete its offering

R&M has announced the acquisition of the Czech company Transportkabel – DIXI
a.s. (TK DIXI), headquartered in Děčín, Czech Republic. The company,
founded in 1996, is a premium developer and manufacturer of fibre optic
and metallic cables for power and communication applications in data
centres, broadband networks, enterprise buildings and other
infrastructure projects.

With this acquisition, R&M will receive fibre optic cable design and
production know-how. Fibre optic cables are an important part of R&M’s
high-end network solutions for the LAN, data centre and public network
market. TK DIXI offers a broad range of cable constructions suited to
complete R&M’s three strategic market segments. The portfolio includes
specialities such as flame-retardant and fire-resistant loose-tube
constructions as well as constructions with increased resistance to
mechanical damage suitable for direct burial installation. “Fibre optic
cables are strategically important to our end-to-end offering. We are
excited about this technology extension and are convinced that we
complete our offering at the right time” says Andreas Rüsseler, Chief
Marketing Officer of R&M. “TK DIXI has a tremendous know-how in cable
production and its location in Děčín is ideally suited to serve the
European market”.

TK DIXI has been over 20 years in the cable business and is today a key
player in the Czech metallic cable market. In 2014, TK DIXI entered the
growing fibre optics cable market, started a brand-new production unit
in Děčín and is today selling its fibre optic cables to OEMs,
distributors and end-users throughout Europe. Luděk Bednář, Co-Owner and
Managing Director of TK DIXI says “TK DIXI has built up an excellent
reputation in offering high quality and often customized cables with
short lead time. There is an excellent fit between TK DIXI’s and R&M’s
approach to the market. With R&M’s global sales network we can
accelerate our growth story and take the company to the next level”.

For more information visit http://www.tkdixi.cz/.

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