Panduit Connector Security Devices Prevent Tampering 

Panduit Connector Security Devices Prevent Tampering 

Panduit has launched a range of physical network security solutions to reduce network downtime, data security breaches and device theft in the enterprise and data centre environment. New designs provide lock-in and block-out capabilities at the RJ45 connector interface, without interference with individual or adjacent jack contacts.

Physical security of network installations and data centre rack cabinets remain an issue within organisations as device theft and cyber threats continue to grow. New developments in the design of RJ45 Plug Lock-In device, including a removable security tool, prevent unauthorized removal of cable and other network equipment or critical connections. The versatile design works with most patch cords, including the newly international standard’s compliant, small diameter 28 AWG patch cables as well as bulkier 22 AWG and 24 AWG patch cords, and standard faceplates, patch panels, IP cameras and other IP devices, providing a highly secure solution across a wide range of equipment. The lock-in device is designed to work with flush mount and recessed jacks. Although it may not be compatible with all jacks and overmolded cables and it is recommended to test your specific patch cords and jacks prior to wide spread usage.

Panduit’s RJ45 Jack Blockout device is minimal in its design, but provides a highly effective means of protecting network integrity and prevent unauthorised access to the network by securing open jacks. The jack module blockout device saves time and money associated with downtime, data security breaches, hardware replacement and infrastructure repair caused by unauthorized access to the network. Designed to simply snap into the RJ45 jack, and not interfere with jack contacts, or adjacent jacks or other hardware. The blockout device requires a supplied removal tool, ensuring the safety and security of your network infrastructure equipment.

Both systems are available in a selection of colours allowing co-ordination with rack schemes or contrast to high-light secured jacks.

“Enhanced security at network interfaces is an important element in securing organisations’ IT infrastructure from unauthorised access and threat control, Stated Ralph Lolies, Managing Director at Panduit EMEA. “Our range of physical network security products are developed alongside Panduit’s industry-leading cable systems to ensure highly flexible customer orientated solutions.”

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