Corning Expands Rollout of Multipurpose Enclosure to Simplify Fiber-to-the-Home Deployments in EMEA

Corning Expands Rollout of Multipurpose Enclosure to Simplify Fiber-to-the-Home Deployments in EMEA

Product to be showcased at the FTTH Conference Europe

CORNING, N.Y— Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) will mark the EMEA-wide availability of the OptiSheath® Multipurpose Enclosure (MPE) by showcasing it at the FTTH Conference Europe in Amsterdam from March 12-14. The highly robust and protective closure simplifies fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and other outside plant fiber installations.

The IP68-rated MPE, previously released in Southern Europe, features a flexible design that allows multiple configurations and offers high-density cable capacity. This flexibility, coupled with the ease of installation, can drive down carrier costs for FTTH rollouts. 

In an FTTH network, optical fibers from a larger main cable must be separated and connected to smaller cables going to individual buildings or residences. The MPE – which can be mounted aerially, underground, or installed on a building’s façade – protects and manages the fibers at this connection point.

With a maximum capacity of 144 fibers, the MPE accommodates a variety of cable shapes and sizes including micro cables, flat drop cables, and a range of cable diameters between 3 mm and 17.5 mm. As networks become more crowded and space restrictions more common, the ability to house smaller products such as micro cables is critical. The reduced size of the MPE itself, compared to previous models, ensures that the product is discrete and space-efficient once deployed. 

“Our MPE is specifically designed to offer carriers more flexibility and accommodate the growing demand of deep-fiber needs driven by the Internet of Things, 4G densification, and 5G preparation as they deploy their high-speed networks,” said Mike Knott, FTTH market development manager for Corning. “We’re excited to now offer even greater support for our FTTH customers’ deployments across EMEA. The FTTH Conference Europe marks a perfect occasion to showcase the solution to key stakeholders across the industry.”

To facilitate quick and simple installation, the MPE features a single strain-relief for enhanced cable preparation, grommets to seal the various cable dimensions, and an easy-open, tool-less locking mechanism. Additional capacity can easily be installed into the closure after initial installation by adding splitter trays and connecting the outputs to the spare OptiTap® ports inside the closure.

Learn more about the the OptiSheath® Multipurpose Enclosure on the product page or contact us to arrange an in-person demonstration at the FTTH Conference Europe.

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