Riello UPS Launches New Rack-Mounted Version Of Popular Sentinel Pro

Riello UPS Launches New Rack-Mounted Version Of Popular Sentinel Pro

Riello UPS, the leading manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and standby power systems, has expanded its best-selling Sentinel Pro range with two rack-mounted versions.

The Sentinel Rack (SER) 1500 and 3000 ER models deliver the same high-quality online double conversion UPS protection as the existing tower-style designs but can easily be installed into standard 19 inch cabinets.

The single-phase UPS offers the highest levels of reliability and protection for mission-critical servers, data processing IT systems, and telecoms networks. 

Both of the new Sentinel Rack products sit at just 380mm deep, making them an ideal option for upgrading power at facilities with 600mm deep legacy server racks. The SER 3000 ER version is also fitted with a 6A battery charger and additional batteries for applications requiring several hours’ extended runtime.

Leo Craig, Riello UPS General Manager, said: “The Sentinel Pro has always been a popular choice for IT Managers who demand resilience and a quality output voltage in a compact footprint. With these new rack-mounted versions, such exceptional performance is now available to suit any installation environment.”

The Sentinel Rack incorporates all the characteristics and features that have already made the Sentinel Pro one of the most popular uninterruptible power supplies in the IT channel market.

With a power factor of 0.9 and a high overload capacity of 150%, it is capable of handling a range of input voltages from 140 V to 276 V. Users can also choose from several operating methods such as Smart Active, Frequency Converter, or Eco mode, to enhance performance and reduce power consumption.

The Sentinel Rack is also fully-compatible with the range of Riello UPS monitoring and communications software including PowerShield3 and comes with USB and RS232 slots for additional network cards.

For further information about the new Sentinel Rack (SER) please visit https://www.riello-ups.co.uk/products/1-ups/124-sentinel-rack-ser.