High Port Density at an Angle

High Port Density at an Angle

R&M introduces angled patch panel with 48 ports / Fewer steps involved in assembly and network management / Stress-free cable routing

Developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, R&M, is extending the family of high density ELISO patch panels with an angled model. This saves network technicians and installers a few steps both in assembly and in cable management in the rack.  

The new 19’’ angled panel offers space for 48 ports on one height unit. The RJ45 connections for the copper cabling are arranged in two rows. The angle out of the rack is just 100 millimeters. Connection modules of the types Cat. 6A EL and Cat. 6A ISO Special from R&M independently lock into the module holders of the ELISO patch panel. Installers simply click the modules into the holder. Mounting is completed without screws, brackets or other mechanical aids.

A major effect of the angular form – the path between the connector and lateral cable management is shorter. The angular form simultaneously takes the pressure off horizontal cable management.

The many patch cords have more space on the front than with comparable flat patch panels. In spite of the large number of ports, they do not have to be threaded into clips or bent much. They are routed flat, parallel and stress-free. An integrated rear cable support takes care of strain relief. Additional cable tie hooks help installers fix cables at a flat angle.

The simplified handling also means less time has to be spent on cable and network management. The solution avoids diminished performance which can be caused by narrow radii, kinks and cable movements.The 48 port HD ELISO angled panel is perfect for use in data centers and building cabling. It supports the digital, automated infrastructure management system R&MinteliPhy. The R&MinteliPhy sensor strips can be installed at a later date.

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