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Cradlepoint partners with Rigado to deliver a safe workplace solution using NetCloud Edge containers and built on Microsoft Azure

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Rigado’s Open Edge Framework leverages Cradlepoint connectivity and edge containers to deliver a flexible IoT solution that enables companies to get back to the workplace safely

Cradlepoint has announced that Rigado, a leader in low-power edge networks for IoT, joined its Technology Alliance Partner programme. Rigado is introducing a new Safe Workplace IoT solution, hosted on Microsoft Azure IoT Central, for companies getting back to the workplace under COVID-19 restrictions. Safe Workplace is “Connected by Cradlepoint” and will be the first to use the new NetCloud Edge Container Orchestrator for deploying and managing application containers on its wireless routers.

As many businesses across the UK take measures to start welcoming employees back to the workplace, they will need to adhere to strict health and safety guidelines. These guidelines can include checks for shared spaces and desk occupancy and social distancing, and cleaning status. Additional capabilities include wayfinding, tracking and reporting on employee and contractor movement via badging and tagging. However, monitoring and enforcement can be challenging, especially for larger sites with thousands of people. IoT solutions with integrated camera and sensor technologies can reduce this burden by minimising human interactions, automating processes, tracking occupancy and movement, and notifying administration of compliance issues.  

“Microsoft partners are applying their creativity and ingenuity to help organisations manage the COVID-19 pandemic and support return to the workplace scenarios. Rigado and Cradlepoint have built an innovative solution on Azure IoT Central’s secure and scalable foundation to provide the spatial insights and connectivity needed to ensure buildings remain safe, clean, and healthy for its occupants,”

Bert Van Hoof, Partner & Group Programme Manager – Microsoft Azure IoT

Safe Workplace, Connected by Cradlepoint

Rigado’s new Safe Workplace solution is based on its Edge Connect platform and uses an open IoT architecture with plug-and-play cameras, applications, sensors and devices to provide critical workplace safety functions required under COVID-19 protocols and best practices. The integrated IoT solution provides occupancy monitoring, cleaning management and safety signage for common areas, restrooms and desks. Safe Workplace leverages Cradlepoint wireless routers for secure and reliable connections between Rigado IoT gateways and applications hosted in Microsoft Azure IoT Central. By contrast, closed IoT architectures require third-party sensors and devices to integrate with proprietary Application Programme Interfaces (APIs). This proprietary approach restricts the diversity of IoT devices available and increases the time it takes to bring new innovative solutions to market.

“Rigado’s Open Edge Framework enables us to combine best-in-class sensors, cameras and devices with Cradlepoint wireless routers to quickly deliver flexible and extensible solutions to the market,” said Kevin Tate, Chief Marketing Officer at Rigado. “Because of the breadth of plug-n-play IoT devices available, customers can start using our Safe Workplace solution immediately and expand it over time without worrying about interoperability issues.”

Kevin Tate, Chief Marketing Officer at Rigado

Introducing Cradlepoint NetCloud Container Orchestrator

NetCloud platform

Rigado is further streamlining its Safe Workplace IoT solution with Cradlepoint’s new edge container service called NetCloud Container Orchestrator (NCCO). Part of the Cradlepoint NetCloud platform, NCCO enables Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) personnel to build, deploy, run and manage Docker-compatible application containers directly on select Cradlepoint wireless routers with full integration into NetCloud management, connectivity and security functionality. NCCO is available today for compatible NetCloud Advanced service plans.

“Our new alliance partnership with Rigado highlights the valuable real estate Cradlepoint occupies at the customer edge for running distributed computing functionality,” said James Bristow, SVP EMEA at Cradlepoint. “We developed the new Cradlepoint NetCloud Container Orchestrator service to help customers and partners leverage this real estate for container-based applications at the edge. Benefits include improved performance and reduced WAN, hardware and cloud storage costs.”

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