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Heficed refines IP Address market with new IP health feature

The new feature will allow screening owned IPs through multiple blacklist databases, enabling IP holders to more accurately evaluate the state of subnets before leasing them via the IP Address Market. READ MORE...

Heficed, a network infrastructure solutions provider, introduced a new feature to the IP Address Market – IP Health – which will enable IP holders to cross-check owned addresses with multiple databases and determine if any of them have been blacklisted as malicious. The rollout will act as an additional safeguard to ensure the quality of to-be-leased subnets, as well as aid in strengthening the overall transparency of the IP leasing market.

Certain organisations maintain and publish lists of IPs – blacklists – suspected in malicious activity. The reasons for blacklisting an address can range from something as simple as bulk e-mailing or coming across a malicious website, to sophisticated phishing scams and deliberate DDoS attacks. Some IP holders can even be unaware of their IPs having been deemed as hostile. Implementing IP Health will enable clients of the IP Address Market – soon to detach from Heficed to become IPXO – to efficiently monitor the state of owned IPs on a weekly or monthly basis.

“IP Health will enable to more thoroughly check a subnet’s reputation before enabling it to enter the IP Address Market”, said Aistis Zenkevicius, Director of R&D at Heficed. “It will be a reassuring factor for all parties involved, as IP holders can be certain they can take away the same quality IPs they’ve brought in in the first place, while we can ensure each client has access to healthy IPs for scaling their business.”

Each IP owner will have a dedicated dashboard, showing the results from the previous scans, as well as when the next run is scheduled. The rollout will start out as part of the IP Address Market and will progress onwards to IPXO, where, over time, it will gain more customizable functionalities.

According to Vincentas Grinius, CEO at Heficed, the IP Health feature will provide essential feedback, which will strengthen the transparency of the overall IP leasing market. “IP leasing may still be skeptically viewed by some, fixed on the earlier days’ mindset, where the concept itself was thought to be more of a grey area. Now, IPs have migrated from being considered a premium to a tradable commodity. Showcasing inner workings related to IP screening and leasing could be the tipping point for the ones still on the edge of the idea in terms of security and transparency.”

Recently, Heficed introduced the Geolocation feature to the IP Address Market. In the upcoming months, the company plans to roll out a few others, such as TAIP (take away IPs), enabling to take out leased IPs onto an external network, and BYOIP (bring your own IPs), allowing to bring and use owned IP resources on Heficed’s infrastructure stack. 

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