LogicMonitor launches log intelligence for IT operations

LogicMonitor, the cloud-based IT infrastructure monitoring and observability platform, has announced the general availability of LM Logs, the company’s new cloud-based log intelligence product. With LM Logs, 100 per cent of an organisation’s log data is automatically analysed using machine learning and AIOps algorithms to help IT Operations teams uncover the root causes of alerts and predictively uncover issues before they disrupt the business. 

LM Logs uses extensible, out-of-the-box integrations to automatically collect logs from all components of an organisation’s IT infrastructure. It then intelligently analyses these logs to highlight anomalous events using algorithms. These key log events are automatically correlated with metrics in LogicMonitor’s IT infrastructure monitoring platform to provide deep insights that show users why issues are occurring. 

“LM Logs eliminate manual processes of what used to take hours, days or weeks to understand the intelligence in log data. LM Logs surfaces meaningful log data automatically and makes it available in the context of existing troubleshooting workflows,” said Kevin McGibben, CEO of LogicMonitor. “LM Logs helps businesses recover time spent context-switching between log file management and monitoring tools, and empowers IT operations teams with the insights they need to resolve issues quickly so they can focus on the customer experience instead.”

LogicMonitor customers who gained early Beta access to LM Logs are already experiencing positive impacts to their businesses. “LM Logs is a game-changing product we already see immense value in,” said Ant Molloy, CEO of Aurora. “LM Logs enable engineers to automatically locate the ‘needle in the haystack’, versus spending hours searching through log data. It reduces escalations and speeds MTTR, making our business more efficient.”

LM Logs is the result of LogicMonitor’s strategic acquisition of Stockholm-based log analytics company Unomaly, which took place in January 2020. Since the acquisition, LogicMonitor has worked to integrate Unomaly’s patented algorithms into LogicMonitor’s existing AIOps capabilities to create a unique cloud-based log intelligence solution.  

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