Speedcast launches next-generation IoT platform

Speedcast International Limited, a communications and IT services provider, has launched a next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) platform designed to simplify connectivity, provisioning, and device management through a single console. Designed for onshore and offshore customers, the next generation Speedcast IoT Centre is deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to increase computing power and interoperability with a variety of customer applications required by IoT solutions.


At a time when travel and movement of personnel are restricted, a unified IoT platform that can monitor remote assets has become ever more critical to a company’s successful operations. The Speedcast IoT Centre is a feature-rich, configurable IoT platform that allows customers to select enhanced, reliable, and cost-efficient connectivity options tailored to their needs.


Customers can choose from cellular, satellite, and low-power wireless options, managing everything from a single interface. Once devices are deployed, Speedcast IoT Centre monitors the health and status of all key elements of the IoT ecosystem, including the devices, the communications network, the IoT platform, and the end-user application. IoT Centre is protocol-agnostic and able to ingest real-time data from any device, then applying cloud-based translation and normalisation of device data.


By leveraging IoT data analytics, customers can improve operational efficiency and create new business models, such as “pay for use”, where usage can be charged by the hour. Customers can monitor their devices and manage their assets for optimal performance while developing predictive maintenance routines to minimise downtime as well as creating financial forecasts with confidence.


“Speedcast currently manages over tens of thousands IoT devices on our network and the IoT Centre will add further scale and depth to this growing part of the company’s product portfolio,” said Jeffrey Irwin, Vice President, Product Management at Speedcast. “The Speedcast IoT Centre helps customers maximise scale and minimise per-device labour required for IoT and M2M networks over the full product or project lifecycle.”


Speedcast’s IoT services are currently deployed across the energy, maritime, mining, and humanitarian sectors. Specifically, Speedcast provides the data network that backhauls sensor data for a major oil and gas manufacturer from industrial compressors in the field to the customer’s company headquarters, where data analytics predict and schedule maintenance to minimise downtime and costs. When a single pump failure at a remote site can cost $100,000 to $300,000 per day in lost production, payback comes fast. In addition, customers are leveraging Speedcast IoT services for personnel monitoring and safety, tracking and protecting cargo, and driving more efficient maintenance for tens of thousands of assets. 

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