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Wireless Logic expands global footprint

Wireless Logic expands global footprint

Wireless Logic has strengthened its global presence and market position with the expansion of low power wide area network (LPWAN) services across Europe, Asia and North America. The expansion comes as a direct result of new mobile operator partnerships and the recent acquisition of international businesses, including Arkessa, Com4, New Line IoT and Datamobile AG.

LPWANs are a group of low/medium bandwidth wireless technologies used to efficiently deliver IoT connectivity to large numbers of devices over wide geographic areas. Depending on the frequency and the amount of data transmitted, LPWAN compatible devices are able to securely operate with long battery life and have low peak power requirements when compared to other LTE services. 

As a result of these enhanced capabilities and the impending sunset of global 3G networks, Wireless Logic is seeing increasing demand for cellular LPWAN services (NB IoT and LTE-M) across a wide range of use cases, from smart metering and energy management to asset tracking and sensor-driven applications.

Matthew Tate, CCO at Wireless Logic, says: “When it comes to IoT connectivity, NB IoT and LTE-M services represent low cost, low power solutions that are highly reliable and can stay in the field for multiple years. As a result of recent expansion, we are in a strong position to offer customers the local LPWAN services that they are asking for with direct access to 75 cellular LPWAN networks in 45 countries across three continents through SIMPro, our operator and technology agnostic platform.” 

He continues: “Although mobile networks are continuing to roll-out these services across the globe, customers are now actively looking to future proof their deployments and take advantage of cellular LPWAN where it is available. NB IoT and LTE-M modules and routers are now ubiquitous, with backwards compatibility to 2G where coverage is not yet available.”

As part of its LPWAN offering, Wireless Logic will provide both LTE-M and NB IoT services for IoT applications across the globe. LTE-M is optimised for higher bandwidth and mobile applications, delivering latency and speeds broadly equivalent to 3G, therefore making it suitable for telematics. NB IoT is instead more suitable for static, lower-data, high-density and passive sensor applications, making it ideal for use cases such as smart metering.  

Oliver Tucker, CEO at Wireless Logic, comments: “As a leading IoT connectivity provider, we’re focused on continuing to expand our global LPWAN footprint as these services are deployed by mobile network operators. With our recent LPWAN expansion, we have strengthened our reach across the globe, allowing an ever-growing number of markets to benefit from Wireless Logic’s industry-leading connectivity solutions.”

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