Supermicro introduces portfolio of AMD EPYC 7003 based systems

Supermicro introduces portfolio of AMD EPYC 7003 based systems

Supermicro has announced the availability of a complete server lineup supporting the AMD EPYC 7003 Series Processors. Supermicro’s SuperBlade on the SPECjbb 2015-Distributed achieved back-to-back world record benchmarks on the critical-jOPS and max-jOPS tests. The SuperBlade delivered up to a 36% improvement from the 2nd Gen to 3rd Gen of AMD EPYC CPUs, which is a significant boost to satisfy performance-hungry enterprise workloads.

The Supermicro A+ line includes servers that incorporate single-socket and dual-socket system solutions designed to reduce the time to results and drive better business decisions. For example, the recently announced new 2U 2-node multi-GPU server is the perfect platform for video streaming, high-end cloud gaming, and countless social networking applications. It has market-leading system flexibility, and cost savings will deliver uninterrupted performance. With innovative server designs that reduce the power required while leading the industry in performance, Supermicro paves the way with application-optimised servers, enabling modern businesses to reduce costs and enhance their user’s experience.

“Supermicro has always led the industry in designing and manufacturing the largest application-optimised portfolio of servers that meet the demands of our customers,” said Charles Liang, president and CEO, Supermicro. “Our building block architecture allows us to deliver a versatile portfolio of systems that maximise the benefits of the 3rd Gen AMD EPYC Processors for specific workloads be it our 2U 2 Node GPU System with PCIe 4.0 for cloud gaming our 2U CloudDC single processor high core count system for storage applications These systems reduce TCO and the Total Cost to the Environment (TCE), which is an essential metric as we all have the responsibility to minimise a data centre’s effect on the environment.”

The new 3rd Gen AMD EPYC 7003 Series Processors are designed with the “Zen3” core that delivers up to 19% more instructions per cycle than the previous generation and contains up to 64 cores per socket for exceptional performance on popular benchmarks and real-world workloads. The new systems from Supermicro include a range of compute and storage systems designed for many of the most demanding applications, for AI, HPC, Enterprise, and Cloud deployments.

“We designed the EPYC 7003 Series processors to give our customers exactly what they said they needed, performance across all workloads, and the ability to drive more time to value, right out of the box,” said Ram Peddibhotla, corporate vice president, EPYC product management, AMD. “With leadership architecture, performance, and modern security features, EPYC 7003 Series processors are a superior choice and continue to drive the standard for the modern data centre.”

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