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Westermo launches managed Ethernet switch for the most demanding substation automation applications

Westermo launches managed Ethernet switch for the most demanding substation automation applications

Westermo has introduced a new managed industrial ethernet switch designed to provide extremely resilient data communication networks in the most demanding substation automation applications. Assured network availability and zero data loss are essential to prevent disturbance to power distribution operations. The RedFox-5728 switch meets these requirements by operating and delivering the most robust networks in extreme substation environments.

The RedFox-5728 is capable of withstanding the toughest environmental conditions including the high EMI levels derived from load switching and lightning strikes and extreme ambient temperatures. The IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 standards define the requirements and test levels for networking devices in these applications. The RedFox-5728 meets or exceeds all test levels for Class 2 fulfilment, which do not allow the loss of a single transmission package, even during the highest EMI bursts. The switch has also attained KEMA type test gold certification, ensuring zero downtime, communication losses, delays or errors.

Superior build quality, the exclusive use of industrial-grade components and extensive in-house testing, results in a class-leading mean time between failures (MTBF) and extended service life. The RedFox-5728 has been designed to run efficiently from either one or two power inputs, with dual internal power supplies fully isolated from each other and all other interfaces, which prevents downtime in the event of a failure. Suitable for 19in rack installations, the 28-port switch has all connectors located at the front for easy access and a range of different port configurations, customisable with SFP transceivers.

Resilient operations in substations require both robust hardware and software. Available with both layer 2 and layer 3 functionality, the RedFox-5728 is powered by the next generation WeOS operating system, which ensures continuous operation and support for an expanding range of protocols and features. Intuitive set-up and configuration enable easy and cost-efficient installation and remove the need for specialised IT support or training. Recognising the growing sophistication of cyberattacks, an extensive suite of cybersecurity tools is available.

Henrik Jerregård, Senior Product Manager, Westermo, explained, “Substations provide some of the most hostile environments for networking technology and these automation applications also demand the highest levels of network reliability. The RedFox-5728 not only meets but exceeds the requirements for these applications, helping to provide operators with peace of mind. With the RedFox-5728, the reliability of substation data networks is certain.”

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