Bluepoint Technologies announces new partnership with Cel-Fi

Bluepoint Technologies has expanded its affiliate portfolio by partnering with a best-in-class provider of cellular coverage.

The partnership with Cel-Fi by Nextivity will see Bluepoint Technologies’ team access specialist training to enable extensive product knowledge and technical support for Cel-Fi’s award-winning mobile connectivity solutions.

Nextivity’s Cel-Fi products are designed to mitigate business-impacting call quality and connection issues caused by a weak cellular signal. Fully compliant and authorised for use by 200 carriers around the world, Cel-Fi’s product range has solutions for every connectivity challenge from home use to enterprise environments.

With ground-up cellular coverage in more than 100 countries, Cel-Fi’s capability aligns perfectly with Bluepoint Technologies’ client portfolio, as Managing Director, Kathryn Aves explains, “The work we do is diverse, but fast, capable and reliable mobile connectivity is always a critical theme and Cel-Fi leads the way in innovating connectivity. From basement buildings to remote rural locations, Cel-Fi has proven solutions to enable fast, clear and consistent communications and data streaming.

“This partnership will enable our team to lead in Cel-Fi capability, product knowledge and service to help our clients access solutions that they can be confident will keep them connected in any environment.”

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