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CMP Products launches technical ‘Knowledge Base’

CMP Products has launched a comprehensive ‘Knowledge Base’ to support customers and users of cable glands in a variety of industry sectors.

Knowledge Base is a compilation of technical expertise and advice, gathered over CMP’s 60+ years’ experience in the art of terminating cable glands.

The easy-to-use guide provides users with useful technical knowledge and application recommendations to aid in the selection and installation of cable glands, as well as providing advice on best practices for both industrial and explosive atmosphere installations.

The platform aims to present comprehensive information relating to key industry topics in a clear and straightforward way. Topics such as compliance testing, compatibility with different cable types, selection of barrier type cable glands and corrosion prevention are all covered in the guide and illustrative diagrams and examples support explanations.

Key industry standards are broken down into easy-to-read sections covering the likes of IEC 60529, DTS 01:91, IEC 62444, IEC 60079 and NEC/CEC, interpreting key points to consider when selecting cable glands for various applications.

Lee Frizzell, Technical Director, said, “Our new platform was developed to create a ‘Knowledge Base’ for appropriate technical information relating to global cable gland requirements.

“We regularly engage with clients across a range of applications and our Knowledge Base draws from these various experiences, to provide advice and best practice to installers and engineers alike.”

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