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Apricorn releases industry’s largest portable, encrypted drive  

Apricorn has announced the release of the 20TB Aegis Fortress L3 SSD. The 20TB Aegis Fortress L3 brings the innovation, speed, security and high-performance Apricorn is known for, with an unprecedented level of storage capacity in an encrypted portable drive. The recent breaches within government organisations and essential infrastructure have amplified the need for data encryption and online/offline back-ups in government, utilities and enterprises across all sectors. The 20TB Fortress L3 is designed to be an essential part of any IT security framework to ensure data security and cyber resiliency. 

The highly secure drive is the first of its size brought to market and features the NIST’s highest level of FIPS validation attainable for portable devices – 140-2 level 3. The 20TB Aegis Fortress L3 was designed for large enterprises and regulated industries that deal with large amounts of data, including finance, government, power and energy, legal and healthcare. Its massive storage capacity is comparable to saving over 4,000 feature-length films/MPEG files. 

 Jon Fielding, Managing Director, EMEA Apricorn, said, “Our devices have never been simply about providing storage capabilities, but about enabling secure storage of huge amounts of data across multiple scenarios, and in a portable manner. These devices protect against business interruption, whether it be caused by natural disaster, malware/ransomware, 3rd party risk or cloud breakdown. The 20TB Aegis Fortress L3’s mass storage capabilities enable fast response, restoration and recovery in the event of a disaster, reducing downtime and minimising financial and reputational damage. This is critical for businesses looking to build resilience at a time when ransomware attacks, in particular, are becoming an almost daily occurrence.” 

 Like every secure Apricorn device, the 20TB Aegis Fortress L3 includes AegisWare, Apricorn’s patent-protected firmware. The security features go beyond the encryption module to include all of the electronics, the drive, the entire internal structure and the enclosure’s fasteners.  

For the highest compatibility, the 20TB Aegis Fortress L3 is OS agnostic and is compatible with any USB port and operating system including Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. It is also compatible with embedded systems and equipment in possession of a powered USB port and storage file system but no keyboard and/or screen. The Fortress L3 is small enough to go in a pocket or briefcase, yet large enough to carry up to 20TB of data, empowering anyone to easily and securely carry large amounts of sensitive data anywhere.

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