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Cutting-edge Privacy Feature from Atlas VPN Allows Users to have Rotating IP Addresses

Cutting-edge privacy feature from Atlas VPN allows users to have rotating IP addresses

Atlas VPN has introduced a privacy feature called SafeSwap that further enhances the anonymity of its users. Atlas VPN is the only VPN provider to offer this type of functionality that allows users to have many rotating IP addresses without having to switch between different VPN servers.

Unlike regular servers used by other VPN providers that only assign you a single IP address, the SafeSwap servers have a pool of different IP addresses. Once a user connects to one of these servers, their outgoing traffic will be routed via multiple IP addresses that will constantly and automatically switch for their online sessions without any drop in speed.

This makes it even harder for snoopers, authorities, Internet Service Providers and advertisers to spy on user’s online activity.

Atlas VPN’s COO explained, “Our team of experienced software engineers built this one-of-a-kind privacy tool to satisfy even the most privacy-conscious of our users. Along with our recently released Tracker Blocker feature, SafeSwap offers an ultimate defence toolkit against trackers and ads.”  

At the moment, the feature is available for Atlas VPN Premium users on Android, iOS, and Windows. Users can choose from three SafeSwap server locations, including Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Singapore, Singapore, and Los Angeles, United States. The company is working on extending its SafeSwap server selection, as well as bringing the feature to macOS in the near future.

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