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GTT Launches Secure Co-Manage Feature for SD-WAN and Security Services

GTT has announced the addition of the Secure Co-Manage feature to its EtherVision portal to provide customers with enhanced network security visibility and the ability to make real-time changes to network configuration and firewall policies. The portal feature, available with GTT SD-WAN and Security Services, provides expanded visibility into network security and performance. It offers enhanced self-service functionality that allows customers to respond quickly to security threats and ensure optimised application performance.

 GTT’s Secure Co-Manage feature provides full security management capability that includes firewall policy and object management plus the configuration of next-generation features for advanced firewall services. Customers can monitor historical and occurring network threat events and garner meaningful insights into log data, traffic flows and execution of security features including intrusion prevention, anti-virus, application control, web filtering and sandbox executions. Customers also gain insight into enterprise network behaviour including high-risk applications and detected threats. Additionally, IT system administrators have the flexibility to adjust network access controls based on user status.   

 GTT’s Secure Co-Manage capability makes it easier for enterprises to monitor GTT SD-WAN services, with intuitive tables, widgets and map views. These provide comprehensive diagnostic visibility of network interfaces including latency, jitter, traffic volume, bandwidth and session utilisation. The new portal feature provides additional functionality for customers to make policy changes without placing an order, resulting in greater control over bandwidth utilisation for optimised application performance as well as over their network security posture.

 Don MacNeil, GTT COO, stated, “Organisations need to react to a constantly evolving threat landscape, manage application performance and optimise their network utilisation. GTT Secure Co-Manage enables greater end-to-end visibility and enhanced control, and it is an example of how we are listening to our customers and evolving self-service capabilities to meet their changing cloud networking requirements.”

 According to Gartner, “Co-managed SD-WAN services have emerged that enable enterprises to monitor services, as well as change SD-WAN routing policies, without provider involvement. The advantage of co-managed SD-WAN is that enterprises do not have to place an order for any changes, nor do they need to wait for the provider to carry out the order.”

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