Advantech Releases BIOS Wizard 2.0 Adding New Features and Support for Linux

Advantech Releases BIOS Wizard 2.0 Adding New Features and Support for Linux

Advantech has added several key features to BIOS Wizard, the rapid custom BIOS configuration tool exclusively created for Advantech embedded hardware platforms. Now supporting Linux as well as Microsoft Windows, the latest version, BIOS Wizard 2.0, introduces extra features that give users even more control over their systems’ startup behavior.

These new features include the ability to configure the boot order according to specific use cases, as well as the possibility to customise the sign-on message, allowing easy identification and tracking of customised BIOS versions.

BIOS Wizard 2.0 has greatly improved parsing compatibility for various UEFI based images, adding support for many additional Advantech products, including older generations.

BIOS Wizard 2.0 is available now to accelerate time to market for projects based on all Advantech hardware platforms including computer on modules, single-board computers, embedded PCs and embedded motherboards. The tool presents a user-friendly tree view that lets users view all BIOS settings at a glance, edit the default configuration and save it to the BIOS image. There are tools to modify or set up a custom OEM-branded boot screen to ensure painless BIOS modifications on Advantech hardware.

With BIOS Wizard 2.0, developers can eliminate turn-around time and engineering overheads when handling customisation requests. Users can also leverage resources including online tutorials that explain how to use the tool in conjunction with Advantech’s embedded boards and systems. These are available in various industry-standard and proprietary form factors to address applications such as low-power IoT devices and gateways, industrial controls, edge computers, digital signage, retail technology, appliances and medical equipment.

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