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Quantum appoints Ross Fujii as General Manager 

Quantum appoints Ross Fujii as General Manager

Quantum has announced software veteran Ross Fujii will advance the company’s transformation and growth strategy by stepping into a new role as General Manager of Emerging Markets and Product Marketing. Fujii’s extensive experience in data management and analytics and creating and implementing modern software distribution models for Fortune 500 companies will further enable Quantum’s business shift – from a hardware appliance vendor to a subscription and as-a-Service company that provides comprehensive data management and analysis solutions. Fujii will focus on growing Quantum’s reach into emerging markets, primarily video surveillance and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

Jamie Lerner, CEO, Quantum, said, “When we were looking for the right person to fill this critical role, we knew that what we needed was not necessarily a storage expert, but a seasoned professional with demonstrated success in software distribution models, data analytics, cloud and market expansion. Bringing Ross Fujii into our executive team demonstrates Quantum’s commitment to becoming a best-in-class software company. We are quickly evolving into a company that enables organisations in digital transformation, not only in the markets we’ve traditionally served but in markets that are just beginning to embrace the power of data and harness it to drive business forward.”

Fujii has been instrumental in major global marketplace transformations throughout his career. Having held key leadership positions in both start-ups and large, established corporations, his breadth of experience is ideal for a company that is engaged to grow emerging markets.

Fujii said, “I’m excited to take on this challenge and utilise my experience in software, data management and data analysis to guide my new team in providing the data solutions and buying models today’s companies critically need to be competitive. Quantum is already on a great trajectory; our demonstrated proficiency in orchestrating massive amounts of data for the media and entertainment industry is a unique differentiator as we apply our expertise to industries with similar data challenges.”

Fujii most recently served as Vice President of Engineering and Alliances at SolarWinds, a leading IT management software company, where he was charged with providing enterprises with customer-centric, modern data management solutions. In addition, he previously served as Vice President of Management and Analytics Software for Seagate Technology, where he built a new software organisation to support the company in its early evolution from appliances to cloud solutions. Prior to Seagate, Fujii held a variety of executive positions at networking giant Cisco, where he leveraged his expertise to drive the company forward and deliver solutions for cloud automation and providing software-as-a-service.

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