Panduit Launches Enterprise SmartZone Cloud DCIM Software

Panduit has launched SmartZone Cloud Software, its enhanced Azure cloud-based enterprise web application, that integrates power and environmental monitoring with cabinet access, asset tracking and connectivity management. Data centre managers, engineers, operators and customers can now monitor critical infrastructure resources and make informed decisions about capacity, changing environmental conditions and performance, from any authorised device world-wide.

Maintaining real-time monitoring, dashboard visualisation, management and reporting of key attributes across assets, power, cooling and provisioning, as well as the physical infrastructure, is a vital step to aid data centre agility. Panduit’s SmartZone Cloud DCIM solution offers unlimited users accurate, automated and centralised physical infrastructure visibility to help stakeholders achieve SLA (service-level agreements). It tracks critical infrastructure resources and provides a single pane of glass, visual representation of rack and outlet level power management, rack access management, environmental monitoring and asset management.

The software is aligned with Panduit’s SmartZone G5 Intelligent PDUs to bring visual representation of rack-level power, environment and cabinet access. In addition to floorplan layout and rack elevation, power path enables operators to identify single point of failure, reduce overprovisioning and clearly assess risk levels.

Agentless auto-discovery of IT devices eases installations and reduces set-up time. Its open API is REST based and integrates with ITSM systems while also supporting industry PDUs and competitors’ devices to ensure customer’s preferred systems integration.

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