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Subex Rebrands IoT and OT Cybersecurity Product as Sectrio

Subex has announced the completion of the rebranding exercise of its Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity product Subex Secure. Subex Secure will henceforth be called Sectrio. The move comes in the wake of Sectrio gaining significant market traction powered by an exponential increase in the capabilities of its award-winning product portfolio.

Subex also felt the need to create a unique identity for its stack of IoT and OT cybersecurity offerings as its customers, prospects and partners had started looking for specific information across these areas.

Subex Secure had created a name for itself in the IoT and OT cybersecurity space, winning critical cyber protection deals worldwide. The division is presently running one of the largest IoT and OT-focused threat intelligence gathering facilities in the world. Such unparalleled strengths, R&D capabilities and market traction catapulted Sectrio to the list of top IoT and OT cybersecurity products globally, as per various analysts and other sources.

With the conclusion of the rebranding exercise, Sectrio will continue to expand its capabilities and strengthen its growth narrative. The name change also reflects the focus Sectrio brings to driving a multi-dimensional cyber resilience strategy through unique cyber protection approaches, industry-specific threat intelligence and unified protection to diverse digital ecosystems, on one platform. It also represents an increase in the depth and richness of its offerings.

Vinod Kumar, Managing Director and CEO, Subex, said, “The new brand identity is a reflection of our growing aspiration, strengths and capabilities. As an innovation-focused company, we take pride in what we have achieved so far. At the same time, we continue to embrace new paradigms and surpass new milestones in our ongoing journey towards securing the Digital world. While the identity is new, what doesn’t change is the unwavering focus we bring in protecting the critical digital business assets of our customers.”

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