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Clavister Introduces Disruptive Subscription-based Pricing Model – Lowering Barriers to Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions 

Clavister has announced the introduction of a new, innovative pricing model. Reflecting the company’s transition to a recurring revenue model focused on subscriptions, the development will enhance accessibility to Clavister’s latest cybersecurity technology. First empowering Next Generation Firewall and Secure SD-WAN solutions this will widen Clavister’s customer base, enabling Clavister to reach a larger audience and protect more organisations from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.   

The new pricing model presents multiple benefits to customers, including significantly reduced upfront investment and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), as well as ongoing access to the latest, most advanced, technology and upgrades.  

The model will be delivered across three service levels, Essentials, Enhanced and Premium, with each level offering greater benefits:  

 “Essentials” provides all basic capabilities to build SD-WAN, including application awareness, central orchestration and cloud-based actionable security intelligence  

 “Enhanced” adds security use-cases with real-time cloud updates, web content filtering and includes powerful software for secure remote working 

“Premium” enables organisations to easily perform inspection of encrypted traffic using AI-based advanced threat protection 

 All security services include Device Intelligence technology enabling organisations to manage their growing IoT deployments. Adding further value, HA functionality is provided without additional software costs across all service levels. This drastically lowers the investment required for redundant clusters and makes resilient business continuity a standard for any organisation. 

For Clavister’s partners and resellers, the new and highly competitive pricing model – with low upfront costs – helps partners and resellers to win new business. Additionally, the new and recurring subscription model enables them to grow their business sustainably, with the opportunity for upselling new services and upgrades as the relationship progresses.  They can differentiate their offerings by supplying long-term, high-value cybersecurity services with more attractive proposals.  

 Przemek Sienkiewicz, Chief Commercial Officer at Clavister comments, “The model of investing huge upfront sums in cybersecurity and hoping that it will protect you for years to come is becoming outdated. The speed at which cyberattacks, and the tactics used to execute them are evolving means that defences need to develop at the same pace. Our new pricing model opens up advanced cybersecurity to those companies who previously thought it was out of reach, whether due to budget or skill set. We are making cybersecurity accessible to more organisations across a greater number of industries.” 

 Launched at the same time, Clavister introduces three new platform series which are available for ordering from October 1st: NetWall 6000, NetWall 500 and NetWall 100. These new high-performance platforms provide 10-40GigE connectivity options at a significantly lower price point and optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality. 

 The new appliance series, combined with the new pricing model, provide easy licensing and flexible deployment options with choices in performance and service levels, empowering customers to save time, reduce complexity and, critically, choose the level of deployment that suits their requirements.

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