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Riello UPS Introduces New Modular Sentryum Rack Series

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Riello UPS has launched a new product range specifically designed to ensure power continuity for industrial applications.


Based on its popular transformer-free Sentryum series, the Sentryum Rack is suited to sites prone to harsh environmental conditions such as dust and humidity or heavy industrial processes.


It is available as either a 20kVA standalone rackmount UPS suitable for plug and play installation in standard 19in server racks or as a modular UPS which can easily be scaled up to a maximum capacity of 160kVA.


The advanced design of the Sentryum Rack ensures that all the power connectors (input, output, batteries) are completely separated and isolated from the communications connections. This eliminates the possibility of any disturbance from the grid supply network which can be a common issue in many industrial environments.


Available with either a single-phase or three-phase output, the UPS’s advanced technologies deliver unity power (kVA = kW) and operating efficiency up to 96.3% in online mode. It can also handle short circuits (150% for 300msec) and high overloads (150% for 1 minute), ensuring the system can deal with sudden load peaks without having to transfer to bypass.


Leo Craig, Managing Director of Riello UPS, commented: “The new Sentryum Rack combines the characteristics of our hugely popular Sentryum series, namely performance, high efficiency and compact footprint, with the simple ‘pay as you grow’ scalability of a modular UPS.


“This makes it the perfect solution for use in factories, manufacturing plants and other facilities where there are tough industrial processes or harsh environmental conditions.”


The plug and play Sentryum Rack incorporates a sophisticated battery management system, while it is compatible with alternative energy storage solutions such as supercapacitors or lithium-ion batteries. It also features a large touchscreen colour display panel and an intuitive LED status indicator that automatically changes colour depending to the current status of the UPS.

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