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Panduit Launch WrapID Automated Labeling System for Wired Identification

Panduit Launch WrapID Automated Labeling System for Wired Identification

Panduit has launched the compact semi-automatic, PLA-100/E WrapID automatic labelling system. The new labelling machine offers significant increases in productivity for medium to high-volume label applications.

Users can benefit from faster turnaround times of up to three times faster than traditional manual installation and two times faster than leading competing systems. The winding head of the compact system is easy to reach so that labels can be attached to the line or cable within 12.7mm of the connectors or terminals. In addition, the label head has a modular design and can be replaced easily and inexpensively during maintenance. The label position can be realigned at the push of a button.

Today, valid cable labelling is an essential part of the documentation in switch cabinet construction, network technology or in the data centre for easier commissioning and maintenance. The new WrapID system, together with Panduit’s high-quality labels and label printers, is designed for large-scale cable harness production.

Whether for cable assembly, switch cabinet or machine builders or network technicians, the WrapID labelling machine, delivers labels that are precisely positioned, and optimally attached ensuring increased quality in reduced timeframes.

Panduit engineers improved the design ergonomics to reduce operator fatigue and minimise the risk of repetitive motion injuries. Panduit’s analysis of manual and automated systems shows that the WrapID automated labelling system saves approximately 170 labour hours per 100,000 labels. Compared to competitor automated systems, Panduit’s solution saves approximately 80 man-hours per 100,000 labels against competitor’s systems.

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