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Logpoint Unleashes SaaS-delivered Converged SIEM

Logpoint Unleashes SaaS-delivered Converged SIEM

Logpoint has now made its Converged SIEM, combining SIEM, SOAR, UEBA and security for business-critical applications generally available. Engineered from the bottom up as a cloud-based native, SaaS-delivered cybersecurity operations platform, Logpoint redefines the SIEM category.

“The Logpoint Converged SIEM eliminates the complexity of operating SIEM, SOAR, UEBA and security for business-critical applications in siloed platforms. We’re the only vendor to seamlessly integrate advanced security analytics, automated investigation and response based on a unified, high-quality data foundation. Logpoint Converged SIEM reduces time-to-value and increases cybersecurity efficiency,” says Logpoint CTO, Christian Have.

Delivered as a SaaS all-in-one solution, Logpoint Converged SIEM is always optimally configured by Logpoint experts, eliminating the need to invest excessive resources in implementation and creating a seamless onboarding process. Logpoint security researchers continuously update product capabilities, detection and response options, increasing the ability to handle emerging threats efficiently and allowing customers to focus on essential cybersecurity tasks.

“Acquiring SIEM, SOAR, and UEBA capabilities can be complex and costly. Logpoint Converged SIEM simplifies the onboarding and implementation process, making cybersecurity available to customers in days. It’s delivered at a fair, transparent and predictable price,” says Logpoint CEO, Jesper Zerlang.

Logpoint Converged SIEM unifies threat detection and response across infrastructure, assets and endpoints, cloud platforms, and business-critical applications such as SAP. Customer data in the Converged SIEM platform is hosted inside the EU or in the US according to customer specification and is protected in compliance with the strictest data privacy regulations, including GDPR, CCPA and Schrems II.

Logpoint Converged SIEM is available as a SaaS-delivered service or on-premise.

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