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Custodian Data Centres Supports Sustainable Digital Transformation at Crossways Business Park

Custodian Data Centres Supports Sustainable Digital Transformation at Crossways Business Park

Custodian Data Centres has become the lead technology partner for Crossways Business Park, in Dartford, Kent. As the business park’s only data centre operator, Custodian’s 10MW, DA2 facility will provide low-latency connectivity, resilient power, and foundational critical infrastructure for local businesses. As such, the technology partnership will directly enable local digital transformation efforts and create opportunities for organisations based within the Bluewater, Crossways, Dartford, Lakeside and Swanscombe vicinities to drive growth and future business developments.

Crossways Business Park is situated in the heart of Kent Thameside. With high-speed domestic travel links to Central London and immediate access to the M25, it is a premier destination for enterprise, logistical and retail businesses. Custodian’s DA2 data centre will provide resilient power, dedicated dark fibre connectivity and dynamic technical expertise, offering key benefits to the residents of Crossways Business Park.

The partnership, for example, will enable businesses in Crossways to future-proof their operations and capitalise on new technological developments, such as advanced robotics and automation within retail and logistics. By providing access to dedicated, on-site and agile mission-critical infrastructure, Custodian’s presence on the park will not only support current business owners’ digital transformation ambitions, but will provide a key point of differentiation for Crossways, allowing room for further technological expansion and the arrival of new customers.

A Spokesperson from Crossways Management Company states, “Having a sustainable data centre partner in Crossways will provide key ecological, operational and technological benefits to the owners and occupiers based in the Crossways business park. By partnering with Custodian we can offer unparalleled technical support and access to cloud connectivity as customers embrace new technologies to drive growth. Further, by partnering with a brand that’s equally as eco-conscious, we can work together to transform the business park sustainably and raise awareness of Crossways as a premier location for today’s businesses.”

Sustainability is a key attribute of Crossways Business Park, whose owners have made several commitments to biodiversity and sustainable, ethical business practices. Its existing commitments include rewilding of key locations around the park, the installation of bird, bat and bee boxes to encourage greater biodiversity, and zero waste from green materials. Custodian, therefore, stood out as the perfect business partner, aligning with its sustainability goals, providing a low power usage effectiveness (PUE) data centre, powered by renewable energy. The collaboration between the two organisations will pave the way for both existing and new occupants to take steps towards becoming greener and more ecologically forward-thinking.

“At Custodian, we want to empower businesses to grow and we do so by offering them agile mission-critical infrastructure combined with dynamic technical service,” says Rowland Kinch, CEO, Custodian Data Centres. “Our new DA2 data centre at Crossways will allow us to directly support businesses based locally and those looking to relocate outside of the City with sustainable, environmentally conscious infrastructure. As the lead technology partner for Crossways, we’re delighted to have a partner whose ethos echoes our own, and to be supporting their digital transformation efforts.”

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