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New Guide from Siemon Provides Valuable Product and Infrastructure Design Advice for Next-Generation Data Centres

New guide from Siemon provides valuable product and infrastructure design advice for next generation data centres

Siemon has announced a new data centre application and product guide designed to
provide data centre professionals with comprehensive guidance for selecting, designing and deploying business-critical IT infrastructure in the data centre.

The rise of connected technologies and data volumes is driving change in the data centre. New data centre interconnect (DCI) technology, distributed cloud and full-mesh switch fabric architectures in highly virtualised environments result in the need for higher-density and more complex fibre links. Siemon’s guide highlights a range of specialised fibre solutions including high-density fibre enclosures and smaller diameter cables and assemblies that help manage these critical connections in tight data centre spaces.

As transmission speeds migrate to 400/800G Ethernet, the guide also highlights recommendations on how to migrate to high-density fibre channels utilising existing infrastructure. 400 Gigabit applications have initially been deployed in cloud data centres for switch-to-switch uplinks. Examples are given of how 400G switch-to-switch links can be deployed using singlemode channels that support Base-8 MTP fibre trunks either with 8 fibre MTP jumpers or with MTP-LC Cassettes and LC fibre patch cords. A 400G switch could then be connected to 4x100G switches using the same Base-8 trunk and a breakout MTP-LC cord. Other examples include 100G switch-to-server downlinks and how they can support breakout to 4x25G channels using direct attach copper cable assemblies (DACs).

Also showcased within the guide is Siemon’s comprehensive portfolio of data centre infrastructure solutions, including category 6A shielded copper cabling, pre-terminated and high-density fibre patching solutions, automated infrastructure management (AIM) for remote monitoring and real-time view of data centre connections as well as a new toolless fibre routing system for protecting and routing fibre cabling.

Information about the company’s data centre design services completes the guide, plus details of its ecosystem of partners, including Arista and Cisco.

“With this new application and product guide we encompass all the support that Siemon can offer to data centre professionals,” explains Alberto Zucchinali, Data Centre Solutions and Services Manager at Siemon. “It provides a single access point to the most relevant information to help data centre professionals identify the right solutions to support a robust, scalable and standards-compliant network infrastructure.”

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