Schneider Electric Drives Data Centre Sustainability with Uniflair Cooling Innovation

Schneider Electric has announced its new range of Uniflair Chillers with inverter screw compressors for large data centres, which provide the efficiency, precision and configurability to adapt to current and future data centre cooling challenges.

The air-cooled and free cooling extra-large chillers provide increased cooling capacity and lower power consumption for high energy efficiency in all environmental conditions. Uniflair Chillers with screw compressors are one of the first solutions to leverage low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants.

“The latest Uniflair Chiller air cooler is designed end-to-end with sustainability in mind and provides enterprises with outstanding energy efficiencies and reliability, even in challenging conditions. With the use of green refrigerants, combined with decreased power consumption, this offering emphasises Schneider’s dedication to purposeful innovation and sustainability while empowering customers with forward-looking adaptability,” said Pankaj Pathak, Director Cooling, Secure Power, Schneider Electric.

Schneider’s latest 300-2200kW Uniflair Chillers introduce major improvements to high efficiency and reliable cooling for data centre applications and enhance the current platform with new sizes and configurations.

In addition to driving data centre sustainability through innovation, Schneider Electric reinforced its commitment to industry collaboration as a founding coalition member in the Infrastructure Masons Climate Accord. Infrastructure Masons (iMasons), a non-profit professional association, has assembled a historic cooperative of over 50 companies, including AWS, Microsoft and Google, to reduce carbon in digital infrastructure materials, products, and power. The mission of this accord is to standardise global carbon accounting of digital infrastructure, influencing market-based decisions to drive the industry to achieve carbon neutrality.

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