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VIPRE Security’s ‘Inspired eLearning’ Training Content


VIPRE Security Group has announced that it is now offering the full library of its award-winning training content to its partners and clients across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Inspired eLearning, part of VIPRE Security Group, offers security awareness and compliance eLearning solutions that drive positive and measurable changes in organisational culture – helping businesses protect themselves against cyber attacks and regulatory violations. 

With human error being the cause of 90% of cyber data breaches, according to data from the United Kingdom Information Commissioner’s Office, it is of utmost importance that businesses prioritise educating their employees to be able to spot cyber attacks and be more security conscious as part of the overall IT security strategy and protection.

Often, employees are unaware of the important role they play on a daily basis in keeping sensitive, personal or confidential information safe. VIPRE Security Group believes that now is the time for organisations to consider putting security awareness training and compliance programmes in place. It is demonstrated that security-related risks are reduced by 70% when businesses invest in security awareness training solutions, and, as recent news reports show, there’s never been a better time to get started with a programme.

Robert den Drijver, VP EMEA B2B, VIPRE Security Group, commented: “We are excited to bring the full course catalogue of Inspired eLearning to our partners and customers across EMEA. Inspired eLearning has been the most awarded security awareness provider for many consecutive years, and these successes are something we hope to continue as we expand access of our elearning content into other countries.”

This announcement comes at an important time with reformed NIS regulations, NIS2, anticipated to be finalised at any moment. The upcoming EU directive is expected to focus on securing companies’ data traffic of personal data, and therefore, security compliance has never been more crucial to invest in. 

Similarly, organisations that have an upcoming audit, or may have failed one, can benefit from the use of the full Inspired eLearning catalogue, including its ‘HR and Compliance’ solutions, to help better understand the threats their business faces, while safeguarding an organisation’s ethical standards. 

Inspired eLearning’s educational content is suitable for a global audience, while being relevant to each individual’s job role. Inspired eLearning is especially suited to organisations who are looking to provide impactful and successful training, while keeping their employees’ training time as short as possible. According to a Forrester Total Economic Impact report, Inspired eLearning’s courses take half the time of their competitors’ training to teach the same cybersecurity topics.

A proven history of success throughout the US has paved the way for the launch of the complete Inspired eLearning catalogue internationally. Since 2003, customers around the world have been using the company’s security awareness solutions and now, the full-complement of awareness, compliance and HR training is available. 

Inspired eLearning has been recognised with over 200 awards and achievements for its elearning solutions over many years, including ‘Best Cybersecurity Education Provider’ at the 2021 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards, and being awarded ‘Gold’ for its ‘Coronavirus Phishing and Scams Training’ at the 2022 Muse Creative Awards.

Drijver concluded: “With strict regulations in place from GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation), PCI (Payment Card Industry Compliance), and businesses attempting to gain or retain ISO27001 accreditation, it has never been a better time for businesses to invest in their cybersecurity strategy. Crucially, information security awareness training is necessary to reach the goal of creating a security-conscious culture and protecting your organisation from existing and innovative security threats.”


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