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Excel Launches a Plastic-Free Certificate Generator

Excel Launches a Plastic-Free Certificate Generator


Excel Networking Solutions was the first cabling vendor in the world to remove single-use plastic from the majority of its product range. It has announced the launch of two new tools which will help customers measure and promote their sustainability savings when they use Excel products.

Based upon Excel’s 2021 performance, they estimate that at least a staggering 18 million single-use plastic bags are removed from the supply chain each year, which equates to 45 tonnes of plastic.

Tracey Calcutt, Marketing Manager at Excel Networking commented,  “As a business we are acutely aware of the damage that plastic has on the environment, and we were determined to lead the way in our industry to remove as much ‘single-use plastic’ from the supply chain. The environment and sustainability are core focus areas for our business, and this is just one of the initiatives that we have undertaken as part of this.”

Calcutt continued, “We understand that our customers also have sustainability targets and goals to reach, so allowing them to easily understand how much plastic they have saved or could save by choosing Excel is a benefit to them. To this end we have created two tools available in English, French and Spanish. Firstly, a ‘Plastic-Free Packaging Calculator’ where they can add in the quantities of each product being used and instantly get an overview of the potential savings in Kgs they can make.” 

Calcutt concluded, “The second tool is to provide Excel partners that buy directly from Mayflex, with a certificate to show how much plastic they have saved in any given year. Partners complete a simple request form, and a certificate is then produced for them including their company logo. This is perfect to include on their websites, or in any sustainability documentation that they need to create.”


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