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Bulk Data Centers Launches Renewable Power Matching 



Bulk Data Centers customers will now be able to verify that their data is powered exclusively by 100% renewable energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The 24/7 power matching service will initially be available at Bulk’s OS-IX facility in Oslo, with power being matched against the nearby Bingsfoss hydropower station.

The new renewable power matching option is the result of a groundbreaking agreement between Bulk Data Centers and Akershus Energi, the owner of Bingsfoss hydropower station. OS-IX will be one of very few data centres in Europe to offer renewable power matching to its customers, according to renewable power consultancy Becour, which acted as an adviser in the process.

“Renewable Power Matching is aimed at customers with the highest standards and the most transparent reporting policies with respect to sustainability. It represents a new level of transparency where the customers can be certain of the electricity’s origin,” said Tor Ribland, VP Operations at Bulk Data Centers.

Traditionally the challenge for data centre operators has been to certify the true carbon-free nature of consumed electricity. Existing systems look at the amount of consumed electricity by a company without considering the time and place of the consumption. This means that even though a company may have purchased renewable energy certificates or guarantees of origin equal to its total consumption, it might still use fossil fuels when and where the production of renewable electricity is low. 

Renewable Power Matching, in contrast, allows companies to match the electricity they consume with renewable electricity produced at any specified time, 24/7.

“Guarantees of origin is a key market in carbon accounting, which today is the main method for companies to measure greenhouse gas emissions and reductions. With increasing demands on sustainability reporting from both regulators and lenders, and the need for real-time data to achieve sustainable business management, we are very excited to be able to deliver guarantees of origin to Bulk,” said Helene Moen, Sustainability Manager, Akershus Energi.

“The Norwegian electricity mix is already close to 100% renewable, and therefore a preferred data centre location for a number of international customers. Renewable Power Matching brings sustainable operations to an even higher level,” said Stine Stine Bjønnstu Holthe, Head of Sustainability at Bulk Infrastructure Group.


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