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Aruba Becomes European Node of Gaia-X to Support Companies in Complying with Federated Cloud Services 

Aruba Becomes European Node of Gaia-X to Support Companies in Complying with Federated Cloud Services


Aruba has announced its entry into the Gaia-X Digital Clearing House, the network of executive ‘nodes’ that assesses companies wishing to become compliant with Gaia-X standards. Aruba will be one of the two European ‘nodes’ of Gaia-X together with the German multinational T-Systems. 

Gaia-X was founded with the intention of creating an interoperable and secure cloud, based on compliance with European standards. This is in order to have a free and transparent circulation of data, to avoid the risk of lock-in for companies, and to foster the widest participation and competition among cloud solution providers, with a certification system at compliance level that guarantees the exercise of rights and data protection. It is a project open to all countries that wish to contribute to its growth and join as members: the goal is to provide European companies with a cloud that has security standards guaranteed by the European institutional system.

The agreement became official during the Market-X Conference & Expo in Wien, a networking event organised by Gaia-X to raise the awareness of the association’s standards and ensure the integration of the Gaia-X community into an ecosystem. Aruba is a ‘Day-1 member’ of Gaia-X and will play a pivotal role in the development of a secure infrastructure for the sharing and accessing of data between organisations, laying the foundations for a cloud offering based on core European values.

The Gaia-X Digital Clearing House constitutes the necessary building blocks to make Gaia-X operational in the market. It will become an external structure composed of geographically distributed and decentralised nodes that can support companies interested in benefitting from Gaia-X’s federated digital ecosystem by helping them achieve compliance with its standards.

“Becoming one of Gaia-X’s nodes is an essential milestone; the next step in the process that will enable us to deliver compliance component services. We will operate as a distributed and decentralised node, not directly managed by the association, helping anyone who wants to achieve compliance with the Gaia-X standards. Meanwhile, our customers will be able to directly access Gaia-X as participants through Aruba’s GXDCH node,” commented Fabrizio Garrone, Enterprise Solution Director of Aruba.


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