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Ensuring Network Continuity in Times of Crisis

At times of crisis, keeping networks up and running and providing remote access is increasingly important to organisations. Large numbers of workers need to work from home but still need to be able to access the corporate network in order to keep the business going. At the current time there is a higher premium than ever on secure remote access and network resilience – as business continuity becomes even more vital.

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Disaster recovery: in-house vs. outsourced

Businesses fundamentally work with their customers on the basis of trust and loyalty, but in the event of a data-loss disaster, these relationships can be compromised. Although many organisations have disaster recovery operations in place, data can still be at risk if these systems are not foolproof.

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A closer look at networking trends

Proliferation of 5G, IoT, Wi-Fi 6 and other technologies will change the network landscape drastically. Soon, more than 28 billion networked devices will be relying on failsafe digitalised systems and functions. As market segments merge, separation between public, data centre and local area networks may all but disappear.

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