It’s behind you!!!

Another year is almost over and while it’s tempting to look back with rose-tinted glasses over what we’ve achieved (on a personal and/or business level), it’s important to review what didn’t go to plan and how to prepare for next year.

In this issue, we cover a number of critical issues for the data centre and networks industry. Our first section covers energy efficiency, the management and improvement of, how to reduce consumption and the sustainability measures designed to help create a greener future for us all. Our lead feature in this section asks if we can actually get to net zero by 2030 – a target pledged by the European Data Centre Association’s Climate Neutral Data Center Pact (CNDCP).

Other sections in this November/December issue look at network connectivity, cable infrastructure, WiFi 7 and the criticality of choosing the right systems integrator for your organisation’s needs. We revisit edge and hybrid data centres and how they’re far from a standard build. 

One of the big subjects requiring substantial consideration going forward is cybersecurity. We have three articles on the state of cybersecurity in the UK, how to face the hidden threats and why deep packet inspection is increasingly irrelevant in the face of network performance demands.

But it’s not all about looking behind you – I knew I’d get a panto comment in there somewhere! We do need to look at the new data centre frontier. Our final article in the final issue of 2022 looks at the growth of the global data centre. We examine the case for Africa and how that may be the answer to continue the industry’s digital momentum.

The January/February issue of Networks Europe will cover the data centre trends of tomorrow, racks and enclosures, and colocation. Please make sure you submit your articles before the editorial deadline of 16th January.

The team at Networks Europe magazine wishes all our readers, advertisers and contributors a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope you manage to take some time out over the holiday period with loved ones and we look forward to working with you in 2023. 

Laura Vallis
Networks Europe magazine




The news desk highlights some of the latest industry stories.

Can We Get to Net Zero by 2030?

In 2021, 25 operators and 17 associations in the data centre industry pledged to be net zero by 2030, when they signed up to The European Data centre Association’s Climate Neutral Data Center Pact (CNDCP). Steve Lorimer, Group Technical Director, Keysource.

How Data Centres can Reduce Electricity Consumption

The escalating cost of power is headline news. According to the Office of National Statistics, in the UK, electricity prices rose by 54.0% and gas prices by 95.7% in the 12 months to August 2022. For data centres, particularly those operating inefficient legacy UPS systems, now is the time to review the management of technology and see what changes can be made to reduce power consumption. Louis McGarry, Sales and Marketing Director at Centiel tells us more.

Improving Energy Efficiency To Achieve Sustainability – The Telecom Operators’ Journey

David Wilson, Global Offering Director for Telecom And Solar Energy Solutions at Vertiv looks at improving energy efficiency to achieve sustainability – the telecom operators’ journey.

Digital Circuit Breakers Power Up Data Centre Energy Management

Sami Raitakoski, Group VP, ABB, reminds us how the evolution of the humble circuit breaker is supporting energy management.

Tackling Sustainability Myths and Celebrating Progress – A Greener Future for the Data Centre Industry

The data centre industry has long been committed to ensuring sustainability and efficiency, with providers working hard to use resources including power and water responsibly. David Watkins, Solutions Director, Virtus Data Centres discusses.

What Can be Done About the Data Centre Energy Drain?

Data centre operations require a safe, efficient, dependable and sustainable power supply. Fortunately, the same smart technology that is necessitating the growth of data centres is also helping to make them more energy efficient and future-fit.

Could IoT and Reliable Mobile Coverage be the Antidote to Climate Change?

Stuart Waine, Director of Research & Development of Spry Fox Networks explains the key role of seamless mobile connectivity in climate change initiatives and carbon reduction strategies.

Network Performance Impact on Cabling Infrastructure

Almost all new devices and applications require more and more bandwidth. To understand how that challenge must be met, it can be useful to look back and map how we got to this point before evaluating how best to move forward. Chris Dyke, Sales Director UK & Ireland, Allied Telesis discusses.

Five Common Myths and Misconceptions About WiFi 7

Every four to five years, a new generation of WiFi debuts with promises of faster speeds, bigger channels, enhanced reliability, and a better user experience for WiFi users across the globe. WiFi 7 is based upon the IEEE 802.11be draft amendment, Extremely High Throughput (EHT) and is coming soon to the marketplace. Markus Nispel, Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, Extreme Networks explains.

The Criticality of Choosing the Right System Integrator Partner 

There are three primary drivers behind the Cloud arms race: IT operational innovation, business process innovation, and market innovation. Organisations often don’t have the expertise internally to guarantee these objectives, at least not to their full extent, so many enlist the help of a system integrator (SI). Eamonn O’Neill, CTO at Lemongrass Consulting finds out more.

Why Edge Data Centre Design Should be Different from Everything that Came Before

Digital infrastructure that is placed physically at the edge will be far from standard. Emerging markets such as edge computing present many exciting opportunities but also significant technical and engineering challenges. Ed Ansett, Chairman and Founder, i3 Solutions Group investigates.

Hybrid Data Centre: Key Considerations for Enterprises

Contrary to what one might believe, the hybrid data centre is not just one building but rather a platform of smart, networked/interconnected buildings with on-ramps to public and private cloud operators, and on-premise equipment across one or more geographies. Caroline Caldarera, Assistant Vice President – Enterprise Sales, CyrusOne tells us more.

Getting the Data Lifecycle Right to Accelerate Digital Transformation Strategies 

Data is the key to transforming any business. Accelerated by Covid-19, businesses have started to become more data-driven and embrace digital transformation strategies. Peter Ruffley, CEO, Zizo says these often become wasted endeavours as organisations are not brave or honest enough to look at their existing data resources – and realise what they have been missing from the start: the right data. 

IoT Interoperability – Fully Connected IoT Solutions

Fabien Jordan, CEO, Astrocast looks at the emergence of Satellite IoT (SatIoT) and why, to succeed, Systems Integrators should explore a proprietary data protocol, specifically developed to optimise every aspect of the SatIoT component.

The State of Cybersecurity in the UK

According to the ‘The state of cyber security in the UK’ report by iomart, in partnership with Oxford Economics, UK organisations now face an average of 24 cyber security threats per year.

Deep Trouble for Deep Traffic Inspection

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is growing increasingly irrelevant in the face of modern security and network performance demands – and many organisations are ditching it. Carlos Ferro, SVP and General Manager International Region, LiveAction takes a look at why traffic decryption doesn’t work.

Facing the Hidden Threats 

David Hall, VP Power Systems at Schneider Electric looks at the increasing importance of cybersecurity for utilities.

Africa – The New Data Centre Frontier?

The growth of the global data centre industry shows no signs of slowing down. One might have imagined that energy supply volatility and the accompanying global energy price increases, ongoing supply chain disruption, growing skills shortage, and not to mention the increased focus on sustainability, would all combine to negatively impact the industry’s digital momentum. But that’s simply not the case. Stavros Spyropoulos, Business Development Manager, Subzero Engineering examines the case for Africa.

Movers and Shakers

We take a quick look at some of the industry’s movers and shakers, including new appointments, promotions and personnel changes.



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Data Centre Trends of Tomorrow
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Hybrid Data Centres
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Market Direction
Micro Data Centres
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