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It’s apparently all about being smart. Yes, we have plenty of smart people in this industry and we tip our hat to you all, but now it’s about smart buildings and smart cities. Is the next step a smart planet? Being ‘smart’ is all very well but how do we analyse what it does for us, and what do we do with that information when we get it? In this issue, we look at how and why smart cities need to collect data efficiently and cost-effectively to manage resources.

We also explode the myths around underlay networking and discover how edge cloud and 5G are shaping next-generation networks. In addition, we get to grips with SD-WAN and look at the IoT data deluge in industry and manufacturing. Our sustainability feature looks at powering growth through chilled water cooling and we also consider Scope 3 emissions. We have the technology to meet the demands of the current climate challenges, but do we have the leadership to embrace it?  

Our section on security looks at the zero-standing privilege approach helping to keep the IT environment safe, and we highlight the importance for IT teams to harden endpoints to manage cyber threats effectively. We also look at colocation data centres and why they are connecting with the edge. We also ask why engineers should be embracing the move to automation. Our final feature in this issue addresses the IT skills gap. We look at why learning and development in this sector must undergo a transformation to ensure the skills gap widens no further.

On top of this, we still have all our news items which keep flooding in, and our movers and shakers section which can be found on the magazine’s final pages. Our next issue will cover the subjects of hybrid and remote data centres and cooling options. If you would like to contribute a feature article our editorial deadline is 17th September. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Laura Vallis
Networks Europe magazine


Page 5 – Foreword

Page 6 – News
The news desk highlights some of the latest industry stories.

Page 20 – From Smart Cities to a Smart Planet
Alistair Fulton, Semtech Corporation describes how smart cities need to collect data efficiently and cost-effectively to manage resources.

Page 24 – Underlay Networking – Exploding the Myths
Mark Dulling, Senior Solutions Architect, MLL Telecom explodes some common myths around Underlay Networking

Page 28 – Edge Cloud and 5G Shape Next Gen Networks
JÜRGEN HATHEIER, Chief Technology Officer EMEA and APAC, Ciena discovers how edge cloud and 5G shape next gen networks

Page 30 – Getting to grips with SD-WAN
Jay Botelho, Senior Director, Product Management at LiveAction looks at getting to grips with SD-WAN.

Page 34 – The IoT Data Deluge in Industry and Manufacturing
“Effective data storage management is a critical component of the IoT ecosystem,” says David Keegan, Group CEO of DataQube Global. 

Page 36 – Powering Sustainable Data Centre Growth Through Chilled Water Cooling
Andrea Moscheni, Thermal Management Product Application Manager, Vertiv looks at powering sustainable data centre growth through chilled water cooling. 

Page 40 – Scope 3 Emissions: The Time for Bold Leadership is Now
Technology offers us a path forward to meet the demands of the current climate challenges. David Craig, Chief Executive Officer, Iceotope asks, do we have the leadership to embrace it?

Page 42 – With a BEMS, ESG Energy Reduction is as Easy as IoT
Matthew Margetts, Smarter Technologies Group Director of Sales and Marketing examines why, with a BEMS, ESG Energy Reduction is as easy as IoT.

Page 46 – How the Zero-Standing Privilege Approach Helps to Keep the IT Environment Safe
Dirk Schrader, resident CISO (EMEA) and VP of security research at Netwrix examines how the zero-standing privilege approach helps to keep the IT environment safe.

Page 48 – Closing Cyber Crime Gaps by Hardening Business’ Endpoints
Andrea Babbs, UK General Manager, VIPRE, highlights the importance for IT teams to harden endpoints across the business to effectively manage cyber threats, emphasising the importance of vulnerability and patch management.

Page 52 – Location, Location, Location: Why Colocation Data Centres are Connecting with the Edge
Amy Young, Sales Director, Custodian Data Centres looks at why colocation data centres are connecting with the edge.

Page 56 – Why Engineers Should be Embracing the Move to Automation
Mark Coleman, General Manager NetBox, NS1 asks why engineers should be embracing the move to automation.

Page 60 – Addressing the IT Skills Gap with Training and Development
The skills gap has increased, placing a staggering reliance on upskilling and reskilling the current workforce. Alan Hayward, Sales and Marketing Manager at SEH Technology considers why learning and development must undergo a transformation.

Page 62 – Movers and Shakers
We take a quick look at some of the industry’s movers and shakers, including new appointments, promotions and personnel changes.



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Data Centre Trends of Tomorrow
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Publication date – 9th February


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MAY / JUNE 2022

Zero Carbon / Recycling
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Copy deadline – 14th May
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Smart Buildings
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The Remote Data Centre
The Hybrid Data Centre

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