How Covid-19 is affecting you?

06 Jul: How Covid-19 is affecting you?

Michel Riva, CEO, R&M tells us the measures that R&M have implemented to tackle the issues that the Covid-19 pandemic has created.

The novel Coronavirus that causes Covid-19 is affecting the world in many ways. Our societies and economies are facing unprecedented challenges. The structured cabling and network equipment industry is being directly hit by the fact that existing construction and redevelopment projects are reduced or remain on hold for the foreseeable future, and fewer new projects are being initiated. At the same time, production facilities are closing or slowing down production significantly.

AT R&M, we’ve introduced a number of taskforces to tackle the issues. Measures based on government guidelines were immediately introduced in all regions and are being updated constantly. Each country has its own specific regulations for dealing with the situation, so we’ve introduced a number of standard rules and guidelines that must be applied anywhere in the world. Local managers may make additional provisions, in line with the situation in their regions. Teams are monitoring developments on a daily basis and looking for new solutions, which are discussed and exchanged between countries.