26 Jun: Infovista hits new milestone for DSS testing for 5G deployment as operator adoption accelerates

Infovista has announced it has shipped its thousandth upgrade for its TEMS Investigation platform to allow operators to test Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS). This innovative technology lets operators take advantage of existing 4G infrastructure to deliver initial 5G capabilities, without compromising the performance of existing customers.

DSS was made available as part of 3GPP Release 15 in April 2019 and is now supported by leading infrastructure providers including Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei and ZTE through a software upgrade. With DSS, operators can allocate portions of the 4G LTE spectrum that they are already using to 5G NR allowing users to coexist in the same frequency band/channel at the same time. Last month, the first wave of handsets with new Qualcomm X55 5G modem and Exynos 990 chipsets supporting DSS arrived in the market – further fuelling interest from operators.

25 Jun: Remote workers of the World unite

The Covid-19 crisis has been the largest industry disruptor since the internet was born in the 90s. Across the world, businesses have shifted to a remote working model, and this seismic cultural and technological shift has put IT teams under more strain than ever.

Luckily, IT pros are up to the challenge. In their roles, they manage crises and plan for contingencies every day. Leon Adato, Head Geek, SolarWinds takes a look at how these IT teams stay ahead, whether the business is rooted in e-commerce, government, finance, or health care and whether it’s large or small.

25 Jun: When is Edge technology NOT Edge ready

The IT hardware industry’s history is littered with attempts to tweak traditional kit and claim it as a fit-for-purpose new solution for emerging requirements.

Recent news from notable IT server manufacturers appear to signal a fast to market solution for high-performance computing at the edge, however, are these solutions what they appear to be?
David Craig, CEO, Iceotope, believes that many of these new solutions are not the innovations that edge compute requires. If the latest and possibly the largest generator of data over the next decade is to be a benefit there’s more inside the box than reconfigured servers.

David gives us his opinion on what he believes is big IT firms repackaging rack systems and claiming they are Edge optimised.

24 Jun: St. Joseph-Stift hospital in Dresden relies on networked solution that secures the building envelope, but also much more

In its efforts to provide increased security against unauthorised access and improved monitoring and control, the technical services department of the St. Joseph-Stift hospital in Dresden is relying on the proven technology of the BMS manufacturer PcVue and the door and window specialist GEZE.

In the 2019 major hospital rating of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Frankfurt general newspaper, FAZ), the St. Joseph-Stift in Dresden came top six in the category »150 to under 300 beds: the patients surveyed were not only above average satisfied with the medical and nursing care, but the hospital also received top marks for the organisation of procedures and service. In order that the nursing and medical staff can concentrate fully on the patients, the hospital operator also regularly invests in the technical infrastructure. The new comprehensive control technology solution from PcVue and GEZE is an example.

23 Jun: A holistic approach to open networking

As businesses grow and become more diverse, so do their networks. Most administrators are used to thinking about their networks in terms of tiers, sitting neatly in their individual compartments: access is different to branch, which is different to campus, which is different to the data centre. While it can be easier to focus on one area at a time, the reality is that networks consist of numerous connectivity options which occupy multiple teams across the entire business. In order to manage this effectively, businesses need to treat their networks as a holistic entity.
Looking at the network holistically—both as it exists, and as it’s likely to evolve—is a complicated, but very important, process. Companies will inevitably experience periods of organic growth, which may necessitate the acquisition of new equipment, as well as periods of unexpected growth, such as with mergers and acquisitions (M&As).

19 Jun: Ekinops successfully enters the 10G access market

EKINOPS, supplier of advanced networking solutions for service providers and global enterprises, has announced its first major 10Gb/s access win in Europe with a seven-figure contract.

Ekinops recently released 10G-capable Ethernet Access Devices (EAD) and routers for the Enterprise Edge connectivity market with the ambition of entering this high-end segment. After undergoing the validation process necessary to gain acceptance from service providers the products collected favourable feedback, which resulted in this major win in the first half of this year.

18 Jun: Anritsu Company Introduces Solution to Conduct True PIM Analysis Over Fibre and Present RF Spectrum Derived from IQ Data

Anritsu Company has introduced the IQ Fibre Master MT2780A multi-port CPRI-based RF and PIM analyser claiming to be the first instrument to perform true PIM analysis over fibre and present RF spectrum results derived from IQ data. The MT2780A reduces test costs and time by providing field engineers, field technicians and third-party contractors with a single instrument to conduct RF interference measurements and PIM troubleshooting on LTE-based systems using CPRI front haul infrastructure.

The IQ Fibre Master leverages patented PIM over CPRI and RF over CPRI measurement capabilities that allow tests to be conducted on the ground, significantly reducing tower climbs. Field engineers and technicians can use the MT2780A to scan the uplink RF signals of a remote radio head (RRH) for in-band interference while simultaneously conducting PIM over CPRI measurements. Supporting all Tier 1 LTE base station radio manufacturers, the single instrument solution can determine if KPIs are being affected by interference or PIM.

Analysing CPRI IQ data allows users to view a radio’s uplink spectrum for interference troubleshooting. The IQ Fibre Master measures PIM over CPRI with four SFP inputs, providing the ability to compare multiple bands and sectors, as well. Measurements are performed on live cell tower traffic signals, providing a unique method to conduct real-world testing that results in improved accuracy and no system downtime for test. As measurements are derived from baseband IQ data, the IQ Fibre Master can make measurements on any frequency RRH, or combination of frequencies of the RRH, providing a cost-effective solution.

18 Jun: Data Centre Sustainability through Digitalisation

Data centres have evolved from a few servers sitting in the closet of an office building to 50+ MW dedicated facilities. But data centres today are not just larger, more power-hungry commercial facilities, they are part of the fabric of our digital lives.
As the demands for efficiency and capacity increase for data centres, Ciarán Flanagan from ABB discusses the role digital solutions have to play in ensuring their sustainable future.

16 Jun: Kao Data Announces Dedicated ‘Built-to-Suit’ Service for the Hyperscale Community

Kao Data has announced a dedicated ‘Built-to-Suit’ service for the hyperscale community in the UK. The service enables Kao Data to fund, design, build and operate Open Compute Project (OCP-Ready) data centre capacity, for organisations dependent on scalable, resilient, digital infrastructure. As part of the service, Kao Data’s leadership team will oversee all developments, enabling clients to benefit from the guidance, insight and expertise of award-winning industry professionals who are well positioned to manage the challenges of industrial scale data centre construction projects.

16 Jun: Greening the data centre – how a power-hungry industry can meet its environmental commitments

It’s no secret that the data centre industry has a significant environmental impact. In response to ever-increasing demand from end-users and content providers, the world’s data centres use more than 400 terawatts of energy every year – more than Britain’s total electricity consumption. Indeed, at three percent of the global electricity supply and accounting for about two percent of total greenhouse gas emissions, data centres have a large carbon footprint.

On the surface, the issue looks set to get worse. The reliance on data centres is only going to grow as internet penetration rates increase across the world in locations where internet freedom is only just becoming widespread.

David Watkins, Solutions Director for VIRTUS Data Centres looks at how we can green the data centre further.

12 Jun: Misconceptions About Insurance

The majority’s perception is that a UPS protects a critical load from power outages. However, it also provides protection against other supply anomalies such as dips, surges, spikes and brown-outs, to provide clean continuous power to that all important critical load. It is a bit like an insurance policy. If at the end of the year there are no problems, then you may think your investment in a UPS has been wasted. However, one small interruption to that critical load (even 20ms!) could cost you thousands of pounds in business interruption, lost revenue, and potentially most damaging of all: customer confidence.
Mike Elms, Managing Director at CENTIEL UK Ltd finds the common misconceptions around UPS systems that may cause that insurance policy not to pay out when needed.

10 Jun: Could Fixed Wireless Access be the answer to keeping people connected during the global pandemic?

Many aspects of daily life have been able to continue while respecting all-important social distancing, thanks in part to the ability to stay connected with family and friends, remain up to date with the latest news and government advice, or work remotely from home. But whilst things are changing constantly, getting everyone and everything connected can still be a challenge. Here we look at some of the examples of where the flexibility of fixed wireless access (FWA) can help to overcome the barriers caused by COVID-19.

20 May: WorldStream joins DHPA

WorldStream, a fast growing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting provider with more than 15,000 dedicated servers under management for a global customer base, has joined industry association DHPA, Trusted Cloud Experts. WorldStream sees the increasing scale of its own company as well as the need for a hosting industry-wide approach to cybercrime as important arguments for membership of DHPA.

13 May: SolarWinds Deepens Hybrid IT Database Portfolio With Database Performance Monitor for Cloud-Native Environments

SolarWinds has announced the addition of Database Performance Monitor (DPM) to its IT operations management portfolio. This follows the company’s acquisition of VividCortex in December of last year.
With DPM, users will be able to generate before-and-after analysis and one-second root cause granularity for open-source and NoSQL databases, including MongoDB and PostgreSQL, that are increasingly growing in popularity.

08 May: Siemon supports Rich Products Corporation in future proofing its new food production facility and UK headquarters in Andover

Global network infrastructure specialist, Siemon, has announced that its world-class structured cabling technology has been installed at Rich Products’ new 15-acre UK production facility in Andover, Hampshire. In order to support the company’s ambitious growth plans, Siemon’s 10 Gigabit Ethernet copper and fibre cabling solutions are future proofing Rich Products’ state-of-the-art bakery, while enabling a fully automated production process and intelligent building services.

05 May: Ensuring Network Continuity in Times of Crisis

At times of crisis, keeping networks up and running and providing remote access is increasingly important to organisations. Large numbers of workers need to work from home but still need to be able to access the corporate network in order to keep the business going. At the current time there is a higher premium than ever on secure remote access and network resilience – as business continuity becomes even more vital.

13 Apr: Agile UPS Solutions showcased at DCW 2020

UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL UK Ltd demonstrated its agility by showing its industry leading, flexible UPS solutions at Data Centre World this year.

Louis McGarry, sales and marketing director, CENTIEL said: “With real-estate prices at a premium, plus the high costs of power consumption and the cost to maintain oversized UPS systems, the need to constantly right-size appropriate to the load has never been more important. For data centres looking to minimise running costs and maximise returns, an agile approach to system design is key. At DCW this year, we demonstrated how to achieve a flexible approach through the use of true modular UPS systems.”

10 Apr: Aqua Comms Expands its Submarine System Network Presence at 1025Connect

AM Property Holding Corp. owner and operator of 1025Connect, has announced the expansion of Aqua Comms, the operator of subsea fibre-optic networks interconnecting the United States and Europe, within its facility to meet growing demand. The availability of Aqua Comms subsea connectivity solutions provides 1025Connect customer’s access to the North Atlantic Loop, a resilient dual-path network across the Atlantic.

07 Apr: Keeping the information superhighway clear

Air filters in data centres offer a host of solid business benefits in a whole range of different applications.They can prevent expensive and disruptive equipment downtime and failure as well as shield against electromagnetic interference that causes data errors and equipment failure. Data centre customers rely on air filtration to maintain the flow of clean air as well as the secure flow of data. Read our feature on data centre air filters.

07 Apr: Anritsu Adds IQ Capture, Streaming Capability to Field Master Pro™ MS2090A RTSA

Anritsu Company have introduced IQ capture and IQ streaming options for its Field Master Pro MS2090A that makes the real time spectrum analyser (RTSA) the first handheld analyser to capture 110 MHz of IQ data. When combining the new features with the wide bandwidth, long memory and fast transfer seeds, the MS2090A can conduct comprehensive spectrum analysis in a variety of general purpose applications, including military intelligence and government regulations.

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