16 Jun: Fire, flood, malware, or acts of God – if your data is gone, it’s gone

Fire, flood, malware, or acts of God – if your data is gone, it’s gone
Users of data centres, cloud and SaaS providers believe that their data is secure and will come back online quickly in the event of a disaster. However, Stephen Young, Director of AssureStor, says many of these only provide a ‘best endeavours’ service if data is lost, and that’s frequently hidden away in their Ts & Cs. READ MORE…

16 Jun: ABB Delivers High Current and Power Density for Compact IT Equipment with MicroDLynx II

ABB Delivers High Current and Power Density for Compact IT Equipment with MicroDLynx II

Pushing the boundaries of advanced IT and networking devices requires improvements in component density and functionality. And for power and electrical engineers, this equates to designing board-level power modules in ever-shrinking, high-density packages. ABB’s new MicroDLynx II DC-DC converters help meet the power needs of demanding, data-hungry applications, providing highly accurate voltage regulation in a compact, 232sq mm footprint – with a power density of 167A sq in. READ MORE…

13 Jun: Fluke launches clamp meters with non-contact voltage measurement to make electrical testing safer

Fluke launches clamp meters with non-contact voltage measurement to make electrical testing safer

Fluke has launched a family of clamp meters that make electrical measurements much safer for servicing and maintenance technicians. The Fluke 377 and 378 are non-contact voltage True-RMS AC/DC clamp meters that allow technicians to make rapid electrical tests without the danger of coming into contact with hazardous live parts. READ MORE…

11 Jun: Schneider Electric Announces Industry-First, All-In-One Liquid Cooled, EcoStruxure Modular Data Centre

Schneider Electric Announces Industry-First, All-In-One Liquid Cooled, EcoStruxure Modular Data Centre
Containing chassis-level precision immersion cooling, the new prefabricated module will allow the most CPU and GPU-intensive high-performance computing (HPC) edge applications to be deployed with greater reliability in harsh and remote environments. Read more…

02 Jun: Edge to core to cloud: striking the right data storage balance – Stephane Cardot, Director Pre-Sales EMEA at Quantum

Edge to core to cloud: striking the right data storage balance

The evolution of cloud computing combined with spiralling data volumes, has led to the advent of edge computing. Stephane Cardot, Director Pre-Sales EMEA at Quantum, believes that centralising data can enable businesses to get the most out of their increasing data volumes. READ MORE…

06 May: Data security in the new business world – By Andrea Babbs, Country Manager and Head of Sales for VIPRE Security Limited

Data security in the new business world
In the rush to implement collaboration tools for business continuity throughout the pandemic, cybersecurity has been pushed further down the list of priorities, potentially putting organisational data at significant risk. Andrea Babbs at VIPRE Security Limited looks at data security in the new business world. READ MORE…

22 Apr: Riverbed promotes Brecht Seurinck to Vice President Channel Sales in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Riverbed Promotes Brecht Seurinck to Vice President Channel Sales in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Riverbed has announced the promotion of Brecht Seurinck to Vice President Channel Sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Seurinck will oversee Riverbed’s channel strategy across the region to maximise customer value and strengthen relationships with strategic partners. READ MORE…

04 Mar: HUBER+SUHNER unveils industry-first 90 GHz multi coax testing solution

With the automotive, semiconductor and mobile communication sectors increasingly developing applications that require the E-band spectrum range, HUBER+SUHNER has today announced its MXPM90 test solution for frequencies up to 90 GHz. Created in response to these industry demands; this product will allow manufacturers to test their components with even greater accuracy. READ MORE…

03 Mar: Speedcast launches next-generation IoT platform

Speedcast International Limited has launched a next-generation IoT platform designed to simplify connectivity, provisioning, and device management through a single console. Designed for onshore and offshore customers, the next generation Speedcast IoT Centre is deployed on AWS to increase computing power and interoperability with a variety of customer applications required by IoT solutions. READ MORE…

02 Mar: NetUtils new managed services offer enterprise-grade cybersecurity for smaller businesses budgets

NetUtils, an IT specialist has launched a new cybersecurity services portfolio to help businesses gain enterprise-class protection at competitive price points to suit small and medium-sized organisations. The new four-tier bundles combine between 4 and 16 cybersecurity services ranging from Endpoint Protection and Email Security all the way up to fully-fledged SOC services. READ MORE…

18 Feb: EFFECT Photonics joins the Telecom Infra Project and its Open Optical and Packet Transport Project Group

EFFECT Photonics has joined the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), a global community of companies and organisations, founded in 2016, that aim to drive infrastructure solutions to advance global connectivity. TIP’s members work together to develop, test and deploy open, disaggregated, and standards-based solutions providing the high-quality connectivity the world needs now and in the future. READ MORE…

07 Jan: Quality monitoring tool from SmartLabs provides insights for network owners to better understand customer viewing behaviour and manage churn

SmartLabs, provider of multi-screen, multi-network solutions for video streaming, has released the latest feature-rich version of its SmartCARE quality monitoring tool, which can help operators and content providers understand audience behaviour and changes in viewing habits alongside verifying technical performance.

06 Jan: Smart buildings get hyperaware

Converging technologies of IoT and building automation are creating smart spaces that make workplaces safer, healthier and happier. Graham Martin, Chairman & CEO, EnOcean Alliance takes a look at a “hyperaware” smart building – an instrumented structure in which applications are mindful of the contextual status of the environment, occupants, energy requirements, service needs, security and safety.

05 Jan: Microchip delivers first 8-bit MCU family for CAN FD networks

Microchip Technology Inc has announced its PIC18 Q84 family — the first PIC18 microcontroller (MCU) family that can be used to transmit and receive data through a Controller Area Network Flexible Data-Rate (CAN FD) bus. Accompanied by an extensive array of Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) that handle a variety of tasks without requiring CPU intervention, Microchip’s PIC18 Q84 family cuts both time and cost when connecting systems to a CAN FD network.

05 Jan: Data centre pathways to decarbonisation

Today, more than ever, grid operators need partnership from their largest energy users. This requires businesses to embrace a degree of innovation in their energy use that can be used to support network security, stability, and sustainability without having a negative impact on their business. Andrew Toher, Head of Customer Insights, Enel X UK looks at decarbonization in the data centre.

04 Jan: Rethinking recycling: How businesses can adopt in-office paper recycling to make real change

In 2015, a group of scientific researchers from Yale made an interesting discovery. By using new and improved methods of detecting tree density, they calculated that previous estimates of tree numbers on earth were highly inaccurate. Instead of 400 billion trees, or 50 trees for every human being, they calculated that the planet is actually home to over three trillion trees, which is 422 per human head.

31 Dec: Ayar Labs secures $35M series B investment solving critical computing challenges through Optical I/O

Downing Ventures has announced a $35 million investment in Ayar Labs, a Deep Tech organisation that is solving semiconductor interconnect (I/O), bandwidth and power bottlenecks by moving data using light, with its TeraPHY monolithic in-package electronic/photonic chiplet-based solution. The result is a vast improvement in bandwidth, bandwidth density, latency and power consumption across a wider distance.

29 Dec: Westermo helps Anglian Water upgrade its data network infrastructure and improve communication reliability to remote sites

Mission critical systems, such as water purification systems, require secure and reliable data networks to ensure they perform efficiently, effectively and without interruption. At some of Anglian Water’s UK sites, there was automation equipment that was installed over 30 years ago.
Anglian Water wanted to upgrade the data networks for one of their sites and enlisted the help of Westermo. The network connected ten remote pumps back to a main water plant near Kings Lynn using a series of RS485 cables.

26 Dec: Five tech and network providers rebrand to form an exciting new industry player

Five UK technology, networking and safety and security providers have come together to form a new company with ambitious growth plans, having secured a £30m plus forward order book since the Covid-19 emergency began.

Glasgow-based Boston Networks, Wales-based Pinacl and Pinacl GDA, North Shields and Birmingham-based 2020 Vision Systems and London-based PEL Services have united to rebrand as North.

24 Dec: CityFibre appoints Nick Dunn as new Chief Financial Officer

CityFibre has announced the appointment of Nick Dunn as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), effective January 2021. Dunn joins CityFibre from Gatwick Airport where he served the last ten years as CFO. Prior to that, he worked with Anglo American plc and with Centrica plc for six years in a number of senior finance roles, including Director of Group M&A, Finance Director for Centrica Energy as well as Finance Director for British Gas Business.

11 Dec: New digital twin technologies from Bloc Digital to reduce time and cost of satellite development lifecycle

Derby-based Bloc Digital has signed up to the national SPRINT (SPace Research and Innovation Network for Technology) business support programme for a major project that will develop digital twinning technology for space applications. The project will be funded by a grant from the £4.8 million SPRINT programme to support the commercial exploitation of space data and technologies.

10 Dec: Colt Data Centre Services achieves 100% pre-letting of its Frankfurt West hyperscale facility
Colt Data Centre Services announces that its hyperscale data centre in West Frankfurt has secured customer commitments for 25.2MW of IT power, bringing the site to full capacity. This pre-letting comes sixteen months prior to operational commencement of the Frankfurt West facility and marks one of the largest in the European data centre market to date.
09 Dec: Fighting the pandemic from the server room: How HPC enables cutting edge research

High Performance Computing (HPC) can enable humans to understand the world around us, from atomic behaviour to how the universe is expanding. Martin Galle, Director FAE at Supermicro looks today’s HPC environments that use hundreds to thousands of individual servers, connected by a high speed and low latency networking fabric. Universities and research labs worldwide continue to invest in and create very high-end HPC systems to solve and understand the most complex challenges humankind faces today.

08 Dec: Cold winter could freeze data centre construction progress, warns temperature control expert

Freezing temperatures in the Nordics region and parts of North America may cause serious issues for data centre construction already delayed by Covid-19, warns temporary temperature control specialists Aggreko.

To help contractors working against the dropping temperatures, Aggreko has a number of local specialists in temperature control who can deploy temporary measures to counter the effects of the cold.

08 Dec: The industry’s only low-inductance Silicon Carbide (SiC) power module and programmable gate driver kit is now available for inverter designers
Microchip Technology Inc. announces its AgileSwitch digital programmable gate driver and SP6LI SiC power module kit, a unified system solution to help designers quickly and effectively adopt disruptive Silicon Carbide (SiC) power devices – reducing time to market and ensuring confidence in field deployment.
03 Dec: Zen and the art of UPS maintenance
Zen…that wonderful state of mind, of calmness, stability, and clarity; a mind free of delusions and confusions; a mind at peace! So, what has that got to do with UPS maintenance asks Mike Elms, Managing Director, CENTIEL UK. Good service and maintenance contract will certainly give you peace of mind that your UPS will protect your critical load for years to come. The rational analysis of an experienced engineer to maintain and fix small issues before they become significant problems is essential. It’s part and parcel of keeping your UPS in tip-top condition. READ MORE…
01 Dec: What going ‘green‘ means for the data centre industry?
Some large data centres use enough electricity in a year to power thousands of homes and it has been pointed out that data centres will account for one-fifth of global electrical consumption by 2025. While we can’t avoid the fact that data centre power consumption will continue to be an issue in the future, Aruba.it looks at how vendors and operators are now placing a focus on reducing their environmental impact. READ MORE…
27 Nov: Supermicro expands its portfolio bringing highest density 4U Server with NVIDIA HGX A100s 8-GPU and 8U SuperBlade supporting 20 A100 PCI-E GPUs
Supermicro announces the doubling of GPU capabilities with a new 4U server supporting eight NVIDIA HGX A100 GPUs. The flexible range of solutions powered by NVIDIA GPUs and GPU software from the NVIDIA NGC ecosystem provides the right building blocks for diverse tasks for organisations addressing various verticals — from AI inferencing on developed models to HPC to high-end training.
26 Nov: Choosing an extreme temperature connector – How picking the right one first time can make the difference
When designing industrial equipment, the operating temperature of the product is often at the top of the list for design engineers. However, while engineers give a lot of thought to heat in the equipment itself, the performance of the connectors and cables that join different devices is often overlooked. Jonathan Parry, Senior Vice President of Global Operations and European Managing Director at cables and connectors company PEI-Genesis, explains how to choose an extreme temperature connector. READ MORE…
24 Nov: Adopt. Adapt. How network operators can thrive in the today’s content heavy environment
Wherever you look and whatever you use to access the Internet, rich video-centric content is unavoidable. For consumers, this is great news. For network operators, this increased use in demand presents a significant opportunity – albeit with a unique set of challenges. Jamie Jefferies, Vice President and General Manager, EMEA @Ciena takes a look further.
23 Nov: Draka UC Fibre upgrades its SM fibre to G.657.A1 bending performance
Draka has completed the upgrade of all its Universal Cabling Fibre offering from ‘regular’ G.652.D fibre to a profile meeting all requirements of G.657.A1. Bend-insensitive fibre optic cables are a crucial part of the UK’s shift towards flexible and ultra-reliable fibre connectivity. This fibre upgrade allows Draka to continue to make cables in ever increasing fibre counts with reduced diameters. READ MORE…
19 Nov: Don’t believe what you’ve heard, NVF is still on the radar for service providers – and for good reason
Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) has been championed with varying intensity in the telco industry for the past few years, though many claim the technology has lost its appeal. Bart Salaets, Senior Systems Engineering Director at F5, assesses the latest developments in NFV and why service providers need to stay on the ball. READ MORE…
18 Nov: BlackBerry AtHoc expands dedicated EU data centres to comply with data residency mandates
BlackBerry Limited announces it is now providing dedicated EU instances of its BlackBerry AtHoc service, a networked crisis communication solution. BlackBerry AtHoc will enable customers to comply with EU data protection regulations and prepare for the upcoming Public Warning directives by sending alerts to all citizens and visitors’ mobile phones in a specific area in the event of a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or other major contingencies in the area. READ MORE…
17 Nov: Why SD-WAN needs to evolve to reach mass-market
Today’s communication systems are fundamental to business success and, as a result, customers of both service providers (SPs) and managed service providers (MSPs) are putting more and more pressure on networks, demanding ongoing increases in control and flexibility. Sylvain Quartier, VP of Marketing and Product Strategy at Ekinops takes a look at how SD-WAN might need to evolve to keep up. READ MORE…
13 Nov: Microchip announces high-speed CoaXPress 2.0 devices that speed machine vision image capture while simplifying system design and deployment
Microchip Technology Inc. has taken the next step toward realising the full potential of CoaXPress (CXP) on the factory floor with the first single-chip physical-layer interface devices to include features that streamline machine vision system design, maximise transmission speed and simplify deployment in high-volume bottling operations, food inspection, industrial inspection and imaging applications.
12 Nov: The future is Hyperscale
Data centre operators must be making preparations now if the data centres of tomorrow are to keep up with the massive demands of customers. When it comes to future proofing services for the next generation of customers, Niclas Sanfridsson, CEO, Colt DCS tells us that hyperscale is the answer. READ MORE…
10 Nov: Deploy modern DDI in the data centre to speed up deployment and enhance the customer experience
The evolution of physical hardware and software has had a considerable impact on the development of applications. There is no doubt that the hybrid landscape is complex and unlikely to get simpler. Mark Fieldhouse, General Manager, EMEA at NS1 takes a look at how organisations should consider resilience across multiple deployment surfaces, whether data centre, public or private cloud and how to adapt to multiple application delivery parameters. READ MORE…
05 Nov: Why enterprise-grade wireless connectivity is essential for organisations in the public transport industry
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, dealing with disruption, social distancing and getting essential workers safely from A to B are all new imperatives to which public transport operators have turned to technology in order to meet. Mark Page, Strategic Account Director, Public Sector at Cradlepoint takes a look at how the high-capacity and ultra-low latency of 5G will play a critical role in enabling a new vision of the future. READ MORE…
03 Nov: R&M and partners launch Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance

R&M recently participated in founding the Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) Alliance with Phoenix Contact, Weidmüller, Fluke Networks and Telegärtner. These leading technology companies are bundling and exchanging SPE expertise and knowledge in a targeted manner.
The group’s main goal is to drive development of SPE for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and collaborate on related technological challenges. The companies aim to accelerate development of their SPE technology expertise, ensuring this can be implemented in their products faster and more reliably.

30 Oct: Supermicro expands portfolio with fully integrated NVIDIA A100 GPU-powered systems delivering five petaFLOPS of AI performance in a single 4U server

Supermicro Computer has announced two new systems designed for artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning applications that fully leverage the third-generation NVIDIA HGX technology with the new NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs as well as full support for the new NVIDIA A100 GPUs across the company’s broad portfolio of 1U, 2U, 4U and 10U GPU servers. NVIDIA A100 is the first elastic, multi-instance GPU that unifies training, inference, HPC, and analytics. READ MORE…

29 Oct: Supermicro and Goethe University Frankfurt delivers high-performance computing solution for COVID and physics research

Super Micro Computer, Inc. has announced that the Center for Scientific Computing (CSC) has chosen Supermicro’s 4U 8 GPU A+ server with PCI-E Gen 4 and 200Gb/s networking (AS -4124GS-TNR) as the foundation for their next generation of High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers. CSC is an initiative of the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, and Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main.

28 Oct: STULZ offers next generation data centre climate control with CyberWall

STULZ, provider of energy efficient temperature and humidity management technology for mission critical data centre applications, has announced the availability of its CyberWall cooling solution.

Designed for operators of large, colocation and hyperscale data centres, it comprises a range of precision air conditioning units specifically developed for facilities with separate aisles.

27 Oct: Updated product series with new wireless approval

“Wireless Ex” is a technology developed by the steute business unit Extreme which simplifies the assembly and operation of switchgear in explosive environments. Switching devices are no longer connected to the receivers in the control cabinet via Ex-compatible cables, but via a low-energy wireless protocol created especially for such applications. It is, of course, certified to ATEX and IECEx standards.

22 Oct: Siemon is natural choice for Accenture’s new sustainable head office at Gare Maritime

Siemon has announced that its innovative technology has been installed throughout Accenture’s new 4,500 sqm head office complex in the iconic Gare Maritime in Brussels, Belgium. Accenture is a global professional services firm, providing strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations to clients in more than 120 countries. As part of its defined corporate social responsibility strategy, Accenture only works with partners that share the same focus on sustainable and socially responsible business ethics.

21 Oct: Schneider Electric extends strategic partnerships with AVEVA, Lenovo and Stratus to enable IT/OT convergence

Schneider Electric has announced the expansion of its partnerships with leading technology companies to address the convergence of IT and OT.

Bringing together system integrators with IT solution providers to build integrated industrial edge computing solutions, the expanded partnerships have resulted in the immediate release of three programs including: new reference designs, co-developed with AVEVA, and integrating solutions from Lenovo and Stratus; a learning path for system integrators; and a collaborative online community for learning and sharing opportunities within Schneider Electric Exchange.

15 Oct: Logicmonitor achieves Cisco preferred solution partner status with certified integration for Cisco managed secure SD-WAN

LogicMonitor has announced it has achieved Cisco Compatible status for its Cisco SD-WAN integration. This certification validates that LogicMonitor’s innovative cloud-based platform has been fully vetted by Cisco and establishes LogicMonitor as a Cisco preferred monitoring partner for organisations deploying and managing sophisticated networks.

13 Oct: Q Associates acquires cloud and networking specialist Apex Group

Q Associates, independent UK data centre infrastructure and data management services provider, has announced the acquisition of Apex Group, the Bracknell-based cloud and network services specialist. The combined company will employ around 80 staff, with turnover in the region of £35M.
In addition to specialist networking capabilities encompassing LAN, WAN and WiFi technologies, Apex Group brings a range of cloud migration and integration services with significant expertise around Microsoft Azure Cloud, Modern Workplace, Business Applications and Data Analytics.

09 Oct: Smart Buildings Show 2020 deferred

Turret Group Limited is to defer Smart Buildings Show from 14-15 October 2020 to 6-7 October 2021. The show will continue to be held at ExCeL London.
Ian Garmeson, managing director of Turret Group, commented, “Following consultation with exhibitors and exhibition partners we have made the difficult decision to defer the event to next year. The main reason for this decision is that we want to continue to provide the best experience for both our exhibitors and visitors in a safe and secure environment.

08 Oct: Siemens Mobility to supply connected infrastructure for Midlands Future Mobility project

Siemens Mobility Limited has been awarded a contract by Transport for West Midlands to provide connected mobility infrastructure and software services for the Midlands Future Mobility (MFM) project.

The MFM programme is set to develop an environment that will play a crucial role in shaping the future transport sector and accelerating technological advancement in the Midlands, the region which is at the heart of much of the automotive innovation in the UK.

07 Oct: Schneider Electric introduces Easy UPS 3L 500 and 600 kVA to enable business continuity with optimised investment

Schneider Electric has introduced the Easy UPS 3L, the newest part of the Easy UPS 3-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) range, extending the medium range to 500 and 600 kVA (400V) for external batteries. Available in all regions that support 400V except China and Japan, the Easy UPS 3L simplifies and streamlines configuration and service, delivering high availability and predictability to medium and large commercial buildings, data centres, and light industrial UPS applications.

02 Oct: AI and machine learning – data centres need to differentiate themselves to survive

The interest in adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to business models is fast gaining momentum as organisations look to find patterns within their data that can deliver greater business and customer intelligence, and predict future trends. As Gartner highlights, the number of enterprises implementing AI tripled in the past year. However, with Gartner also claiming that more than 30% of data centres that don’t deploy AI and machine learning won’t be operationally and economically feasible by 2020, Peter Ruffley, Chairman at Zizo, discusses how we can best use AI and what its role is within the data centre.

02 Oct: Riello UPS extends NextEnergy range with 500 kVA version

Manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies, Riello UPS has expanded its super-efficient NextEnergy (NXE) series with a new and improved 500 kVA model. The much-anticipated NXE 500 incorporates the latest transformerless technologies to deliver TÜV-certified operational efficiency up to 97% in online UPS mode, while its pioneering Efficiency Control System minimises wasted energy even at partial loads. READ MORE…

01 Oct: Umlaut selects Infovista TEMS Paragon as its primary benchmarking solution to generate the industry standard umlaut score for network testing

Infovista has announced that umlaut, will use the Infovista TEMS Paragon solution as its primary source of data collection to provide network benchmarking and optimisation services.
TEMS Paragon is a premier drive test system, optimised for mobile network benchmarking. Through close cooperation with chipset manufacturers and scanner vendors, TEMS Paragon has led the way to 5G and provides support for LTE-A, IOT, VOLTE and VILTE, and verification of 5G radio. READ MORE…

30 Sep: Power over Ethernet up to 610 metres

Panduit, electrical and network infrastructure solutions company has announced its Power over Ethernet (PoE) extenders on UTP copper cable, which enables network connections to reach up to 610 metres (2000ft). This new series of devices support full duplex (bi-directional simultaneous) data transmission up to 100Mbps for 100BASE-TX or Fast Ethernet applications.

29 Sep: Organisations turn to NetOps to prevent network outages caused by infrastructure changes with great success

Nearly half (48%) of senior IT decision-makers globally say that more than quarter of the outages their organisations have suffered over the past two years have been caused by changes to the network infrastructure, according to a recent survey of 500 global IT decision makers commissioned by Opengear, a Digi International company. READ MORE….

25 Sep: NextGen Communications agrees a long-term education and development plan with CNet training

NextGen has committed to a two-year technical development plan with CNet Training. The company has committed to upskill and professionally certify their teams across their entire company with CNet Training. The training and development contract provides NextGen with access to technical education programs from The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework for all team members to work towards ambitious companywide objectives.

24 Sep: Schneider Electric launches new APC Easy Rack PDU family, complete with flexible power monitoring and ultra-lightweight footprint

Schneider Electric has announced the launch of the APC Easy Rack PDU range, providing an easy-to-install, easy-to-use and customisable power distribution unit for connected loads. From network closets and edge computing environments, to small and medium data centres, APC Easy Rack PDUs provide a resilient power continuity solution for end-users.

17 Sep: Getting cabling into buildings the smart way

In logistics, the term ‘last mile’ refers to a short distance that needs to be spanned in order to reach a final destination. When laying out or expanding fibre networks, the last mile is generally the most time-consuming, costly part. Of course, there are many variables to take into account, and often different types of cabling are used in different zones in a project. To avoid overspending and working with exaggerated specifications, Hermann Christen, Market Development Manager, R&M suggests it’s definitely worth consulting with an expert.

17 Sep: Kao Data Named as Latest Infrastructure Masons Foundation Partner and CEO Paul Finch Joins its Advisory Council

Kao Data, specialist developer and operator of advanced data centres for high performance computing, cloud, AI and enterprise, has become a Foundation Partner of Infrastructure Masons (iMasons). Additionally Paul Finch, Interim CEO and COO, Kao Data, has joined the iMasons Advisory Council, contributing his insight and experience into data centre cooling, energy efficiency and sustainability, which have become an increasingly important focus in the sector over the last decade.

16 Sep: Cable Distribution Revolution

Hughes Electronics has launched an advanced fibre optic and DC power cabling concept for cellular networks.

Designed specifically to handle the rigours of the cellular telephone industry, OptiMod is a robust yet agile system of interconnecting fibre and DC power passive transmission media, delivering high-performance connections for hybrid, separate (DC and fibre) or mixed cabling layout requirements in the harshest environments that cellular telecoms has to offer.

11 Sep: ExtraHop partners with CrowdStrike to deliver cloud-native threat detection from the network to the endpoint

ExtraHop, cloud-native network detection and response company, has announced a partnership with CrowdStrike, in cloud-delivered endpoint protection provider. The partnership includes the powerful integration between ExtraHop Reveal(x) and CrowdStrike Falcon, marrying best-of-breed cloud-native detection and response capabilities to provide protection from the network to the endpoint.

10 Sep: How network visibility can protect businesses in the new tomorrow

No one expected this year to be as testing as it has been and few organisations were prepared for the financial difficulties, IT issues and security threats created by this new norm. With companies expecting 50% of their staff back in the office by September, the flexible approach to working from home is set to complicate networks further. The road ahead is challenging to say the least, says Ollie Sheridan, Security Principal at Gigamon, but, with network visibility as the cornerstone of their cyber-strategy, organisations can to optimise investments, adapt agilely and ensure protection in the next phase of the pandemic and beyond.

10 Sep: Iceotope, Schneider Electric and Avnet host webinar to address sustainability priorities at the edge

Iceotope Cooling Technologies, Schneider Electric and Avnet have announced a new joint webinar entitled, ‘Simplifying the Edge’. Taking place on the 16th September 2020, this one-hour session offers expert insight into key challenges concerning the deployment of new edge technologies to support 5G, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and colocation environments, and the business case for new sustainable approaches to cooling infrastructure.

10 Sep: Exertis Hammer Announces DDN distribution agreement​

Distributor Exertis Hammer has announced an EMEA-wide distribution agreement with leading big data storage supplier to data-intensive, global organisations, DDN.
The vendor designs, develops, deploys, and optimises systems, software and storage solutions that enable enterprises, service providers, universities, and government agencies to generate more value and accelerate time to insight from their data, on premise and in the cloud.

08 Sep: Anritsu expands high-frequency components line to address emerging high-speed design test requirements

Anritsu Company has expanded its W1 (1.0 mm) component line with the introduction of bias tees, DC block, and semi-rigid cables that operate to 110 GHz and provide broadband frequency scalability in high-frequency device characterisation and optical networking applications. The addition of the new W1 components provides Anritsu with the broadest millimeter wave (mmWave), coaxial component portfolio in the market, and they can be integrated in test systems, so engineers have greater confidence in their emerging high-speed designs.

04 Sep: Emtelle completes land purchase to expand facilities

Emtelle has acquired 16,000sqm of land located adjacent to its manufacturing plant in Erfurt, Germany.

The news follows the manufacturer’s recent investment in its production capabilities with the purchase of two new extrusion lines at the Erfurt manufacturing facility. This latest investment from Emtelle allows for further options of increased manufacturing capacity, increased stock capabilities whilst expanding product testing and customer training facilities.

03 Sep: The Data Centre of Tomorrow

There is no doubt that data is one of the world’s most valuable commodities today. Across the world’s business hubs, data centre demand has been driven by the rapid adoption of cloud services and the emergence of digitally transformative business models born out of the Internet of Things (IoT). With sustainability now at the forefront of many people’s minds, it would be great to think that the data centres of the future will impact the planet far less than they do now. Philip Bridge, President, Ontrack thinks that remains to be seen.

02 Sep: Ardmac acquires stake in modular builder Cental

Ardmac, the international construction specialist headquartered in Dublin, has announced that it has taken a significant equity investment in Cental, a leading and fast-growth provider of advanced modular infrastructure to the data centre, utilities and telecoms industries.

With this latest strategic investment by Ardmac, the business is now set for further growth and is projecting to double its workforce to 140 people over the next 24 months.

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