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Supermicro announces the doubling of GPU capabilities with a new 4U server supporting eight NVIDIA HGX A100 GPUs. The flexible range of solutions powered by NVIDIA GPUs and GPU software from the NVIDIA NGC ecosystem provides the right building blocks for diverse tasks for organisations addressing various verticals — from AI inferencing on developed models to HPC to high-end training.
When designing industrial equipment, the operating temperature of the product is often at the top of the list for design engineers. However, while engineers give a lot of thought to heat in the equipment itself, the performance of the connectors and cables that join different devices is often overlooked. Jonathan Parry, Senior Vice President of Global Operations and European Managing Director at cables and connectors company PEI-Genesis, explains how to choose an extreme temperature connector. READ MORE…
Wherever you look and whatever you use to access the Internet, rich video-centric content is unavoidable. For consumers, this is great news. For network operators, this increased use in demand presents a significant opportunity – albeit with a unique set of challenges. Jamie Jefferies, Vice President and General Manager, EMEA @Ciena takes a look further.
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