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Wherever you look and whatever you use to access the Internet, rich video-centric content is unavoidable. For consumers, this is great news. For network operators, this increased use in demand presents a significant opportunity – albeit with a unique set of challenges. Jamie Jefferies, Vice President and General Manager, EMEA @Ciena takes a look further.
Draka has completed the upgrade of all its Universal Cabling Fibre offering from ‘regular’ G.652.D fibre to a profile meeting all requirements of G.657.A1. Bend-insensitive fibre optic cables are a crucial part of the UK’s shift towards flexible and ultra-reliable fibre connectivity. This fibre upgrade allows Draka to continue to make cables in ever increasing fibre counts with reduced diameters. READ MORE…
Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) has been championed with varying intensity in the telco industry for the past few years, though many claim the technology has lost its appeal. Bart Salaets, Senior Systems Engineering Director at F5, assesses the latest developments in NFV and why service providers need to stay on the ball. READ MORE…
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