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Access USB Devices From Anywhere 

Access USB Devices From Anywhere



The newly introduced utnserver ProMAX from SEH Technology represents a fresh and new design within the company’s USB device server range. In addition to the visual appearance, SEH Technology has refined its latest device server with wide and comprehensive technical innovations.

Among other things, the new device server offers advanced technologies for power management. The USB ports (4 x USB 3.2 Gen1) can each be switched to active or deactivated for power and security reasons. In addition, there is the option of making up to twelve USB ports available by means of a USB hub.

The utnserver ProMAX offers a maximum data transfer rate of up to 192MB/s (read) and 126MB/s (write), enabling users to make particularly throughput-hungry backup systems (like RDX drives) available to the home office via the network. In addition, external hard disks or dongles, card readers, barcode scanners, measuring devices or printers can be used seamlessly. Support of isochronous mode ensures that camera systems can be used over the network thanks to consistently stable and two-way data transmission.

Logging and reporting functions are essential for centralised management and continuous monitoring in the server and data centre environment. Therefore, with the new monitoring and logging function, all operations performed on the utnserver ProMAX can be documented automatically or time-controlled with information on time and date. This makes it possible to prove when, for example, USB devices were connected or removed. Furthermore, the activation or deactivation of USB devices or changes to the configuration settings are logged, and recorded data is stored locally on the utnserver ProMAX. In parallel, they can be automatically transferred to a syslog-ng and/or WebDAV server.

“The number of cyber attacks with ransomware has increased dramatically. This involves encrypting data on computers and servers with the aim of extorting a ransom to unlock them,” explains Jörg Hecke, Product Marketing Manager at SEH. “Anyone who can access a proper backup from anywhere in the world has a major advantage and can very quickly get their company’s business processes back up and running. The prerequisite for this is a fast and secure method of being able to activate a backup in the shortest possible time.”

This is where the utnserver ProMAX shows its full potential: Data in the backup systems can be restored via the USB SuperSpeed ports, so that the cybersecurity breaches with encrypted “inventory data” remain ineffective. 

The RJ-45 network port for the 2.5 Gigabit LAN and the port for the power supply have been relocated to the rear of the case, which makes installation much more convenient and increases usability during operation. The front is only adorned by the four USB ports with the corresponding LEDs and a status RGB LED, which also signals faults or connectivity notices in addition to the different operating modes.

The connection works via LAN, VPN, VLAN, Internet and in server-based and virtualised environments. Administration, configuration and maintenance are straightforward and self-explanatory using the proven web-based Control Center. Update files are also provided as a complete package for firmware and software, which means that the tedious separation of firmware and software during updates is a thing of the past.


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