Westermo launches new industrial networking training services

Westermo launches new industrial networking training services

Westermo has launched a new global training programme aimed at supporting those responsible for operating and maintaining industrial data communications networks. Offering flexible online and in-person training, the Westermo Academy will provide certified courses to network engineers wherever they are located around the world, ensuring they have the expertise needed to maximise the performance and reliability of industrial networks. 

Having the right knowledge and skills are key to the successful implementation, operation and maintenance of industrial data communications networks. However, not all companies have the necessary expertise available in-house. Industrial networking is constantly evolving to create more complex, resilient and secure networks, and with data networks often the backbone of mission-critical systems, it is essential for engineers to gain regular training updates.

“Westermo has provided certified training courses since 2014, with hundreds of engineers attending a course on-site or at one of our training facilities,” explained Fredrik Oskarsson, product manager services at Westermo. “The launch of the Westermo Academy is a significant enhancement of our existing training services, ensuring that our certified courses are available around the world, but also increasing the flexibility and availability of training.”

The Westermo Academy includes a flexible online learning platform that allows courses to be selected and attended according to the learner’s needs, location and own timetable. All existing courses have been refreshed, to ensure they include the most relevant and up-to-date information and are provided in the most logical and easy to grasp format. Training can be delivered online or on-site/offsite, initially in English, but in local languages in the near future. Many of the courses give attendees hands-on experience to help improve familiarity with, and the efficient operation of, Westermo devices.

The training courses are delivered by industrial data communications experts, who also have industry experience aligned with specific applications. Currently, there are four courses available, with an ‘introduction to IP’ and an ‘introduction to WeOS’ providing a gateway to the certified engineer courses focused on switching and routing. Additional courses will be made available that have introduction, fundamental, intermediate, advanced and expert levels of content.

“With data networks now an essential part of most operations, it is critical to have the available expertise to maintain these networks and be able to respond immediately should there be an issue,” said Ant Lane, Westermo Academy instructor. “With the Westermo Academy, what we offer is real-world experience and knowledge that can help on-site engineers find a quick and practical solution.”

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