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Eaton Brings the Acquisition of Tripp Lite to EMEA

Eaton Brings the Acquisition of Tripp Lite to MEA



Eaton is fast developing a new customer base in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for product lines emanating originally from the highly respected US brand, Tripp Lite.

Eaton acquired Tripp Lite in 2021 and the outcome is a vastly expanded product portfolio together with further developed capabilities to support distributed IT and edge applications.

Initially marketed under the ‘Tripp Lite by Eaton’ brand, the new products represent a huge opportunity for managed service providers and resellers that will either help them break into the market for power infrastructure, connectivity and peripherals or expand the size and comprehensiveness of their proposals by incorporating Tripp Lite server racks, enclosures and connectivity accessories.

Jean-Marc Emonet, Marketing and Product Line Manager, Distributed Power Quality, Critical Systems Division, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said, “Tripp Lite and Eaton have worked with customers for many years to navigate rapidly changing technology landscapes. The evolution continues, with Eaton becoming a single source of power products and accessories for IT channel distributors thanks to its Tripp Lite acquisition.”

The acquisition is proving a natural fit, with the Tripp Lite product portfolio complementing Eaton’s product range. The outcome is a broad-based ability to support edge applications and distributed networks for end-user vertical markets, data centres of all sizes as well as opening up the opportunity for the growing e-commerce business.

Among the thousands of new products that Eaton is now offering are server racks, enclosures, cables and connectivity products such as docking stations, KVM switches, and a selection of other peripherals and accessories.

“We have noted how the trend for hybrid home and office working has resulted in high demand for videoconferencing systems and new types of meeting rooms that require a lot of connectivity,” added Emonet. “Our newly-expanded portfolio means we can support IT distributors and resellers to respond to this opportunity.”

The Tripp Lite brand is 100 years old in 2022, dating back to when Tripp Lite manufactured headlights for the nascent automobile industry. The Tripp Lite name will be retained when the new ranges are fully rebranded as the Eaton – Tripp Lite Series. 


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